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Barkbox January 2020 Review

Barkbox January 2020 Promotion

Today was Marlo’s lucky day – he got the second BarkBox to open and enjoy. In fact he was so happy and eager to take all the treats and toys out that I had hard time taking a few pictures of the box and its contents.

Barkbox January Box Discount

Our family has gone completely crazy over subscription boxes and the surprises we are getting, that is especially true about me. Now that I am getting beauty treats from FabFitFun, Marlo is obsessed with BarkBox and Chewy Goody Box, I am thinking about something STEM related for my kids and a fashion box for my husband. But for now the lucky ones are me and our dog.

Barkbox January 2020 Coupon

Last month’s BarkBox did not disappoint, so we were really looking forward to this one. I will compare them both later as well because I am interested myself to see which one is better. Marlo liked them both, and he is the main guy here, so that’s all that matters.

Barkbox Snowman Discount

I like how BarkBox opens up – right under the brown box’ lid there is another one, colorful and fun with the theme of the box. This time it’s “Snowbound Hounds”, which is very appropriate since it’s still January, even if it has been raining all the time and people walk wearing short sleeve shirts during the day here, in Georgia. There are definitely normal places still, where winter means snow and cold. Thanks to this box, at least our dog could feel like it is winter outside.

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I think that BarkBox is hard to beat in terms if originality and innovation. They really put a lot of thought into their themes and make toys that can’t be found anywhere else. I am sure I am not the only one thinking that people behind BarkBox are really as crazy about dogs as we, the parents, are.

Barkbox Snowman Toy

This month’s box included a really fun toy and snacks that together made a cohesive collection. This month’s toy is a snowman that arrived in two parts – the body and the head. The head gets attached to the body by Velcro.

Barkbox January 2020 Month's Toy

The body is off-white color, plush, round and sits on a snow that has a suspicious yellow stain on it (you know, from an imaginary dog lifting his leg). There are two logs stuffed with crinkled material for arms. Then comes the head, which is whiter than the body and has a plastic ball inside with holes for nose and eyes. It took me a minute to figure out that I also needed two bags of treats to compose the snowman fully.

Barkbox Snowman Promotion

One bag is full of triangle orange treats “Snowman Nose Nibbles” with lamb and goes into the space for nose. Another bag has blueberry “Snowman Peepers” for eyes. The carrot treat is small, fits easily, and comes out pretty easy too, but the eyes have to be jammed in and take some work for Marlo to get them out.

Barkbox Snowman Nose Nibbles

After I put the toy together, I let him pull the treats out, but then took the toy away – I kind of want to preserve it for a little longer. We were sitting outside opening these gifts and this pure white snowman wouldn’t have stayed white if I had let Marlon have his way with it. I guess I need to accept the fact that the whiteness won’t stay white for too long. I am sure once all the treats are over, he will easily separate the head from the body and will chew them both up as soon as I let him. Chewing things up is what Marlo does best.

Barkbox Snowman Coupon

He definitely enjoyed the taste of the treats, and I enjoyed the healthy ingredients in them. They are made without wheat, soy, corn, and grain. And I don’t even have any diet restrictions specified in his profile! The treats are made of peas, chickpeas, coconut, molasses, blueberries, activated charcoal, vanilla, salt, lactic acid, and sorbic acid. I think even I could eat these treats safely!

Barkbox Snowman

Besides the four described things, there are two hard meaty chews. One is Peanut Butter & Carob Stick. It says hard on it, but I can tell that it will be gone in three minutes. Marlo already sniffed it all over through the plastic wrap.

Barkbox Peanut Butter & Cabob Stick

Sniffing all over also happened for another chew stick – Thinkers Real Stick Duck Recipe treat from Plato Pet Treats. This one is even softer and looks like dry salami. It is packed in plastic and broken in half, but I am sure Marlo won’t get upset over the defect like that.

Barkbox Bacon Flavored Dental Chew

So overall I definitely loved the box and so did Marlo. We are becoming quite fond of the themed goodies and all the fun they bring. I enjoy the savings too – by signing up for six months I am saving $4 each month and pay just $25 instead of $29, which is monthly price. I am considering signing up for 12 months and paying $21 per box. I am also always on the lookout for coupon codes and I know that sometimes it’s possible to score $5 off or something similar. If I had to buy every toy and every treat separately, it would cost well over $25, so I know I am getting a good deal.

As we are enjoying this box, I can’t wait for another one to get here and see what theme we will get in February!