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Scoob BarkBox Review

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New Scoob movie is about to come out and of course all dogs are ecstatic about such developments, so ecstatic in fact, that they need some visuals to support their festive mood. And BarkBox is here to help with its Scoob themed monthly box!

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My dog is trendy, and as every trendy dog, she loves Scoob. This is why I was very happy to get this month’s BarkBox. All the fun aside, I don’t think Oska cares about the characters, but she will always enjoy a nice stuffed toy and some scrumptious treats, be it Scooby or Frankenstein. Since BarkBox always delivers high quality stuff like that, we both are happy for different reasons: she – with taste and fun toys, I – with cute themes and convenience of getting her treats delivered without shopping. All of that happiness is achieved for just $29 per month or $21 with yearly subscription.

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Scoob themed monthly box

While I was taking a few pictures of her box, she decided that chasing after Canadian geese was more fun than posing with new toys, so I let her be this time. Every good model needs some geese chasing after all, especially after corona lockdown at home for weeks.

This is what came in this Scoobalicious box:

The Mystery Machine

BarkBox Mystery Machine

No mystery solving dog could do without a machine like this. This perfect vehicle is loaded and full of features – big and loud horn inside, crinkle sounds, and lots of fluff. I am very sure Oska will take this car for a ride to remember in no time, after all the geese are figured out.  


BarkBox Scoob Dog Toy

The fluffy main dog himself is the coolest toy for the coolest dog. It looks all happy, because it doesn’t know what’s coming his way yet in a shape of German shepherd teeth. Just like its car, Scoob is stuffed with crinkle material, squeaker, and lots of white insides that are so much fun to pull out. The toy is perfect for fetch games if it can last long enough in one piece.

Scooby Snacks

BarkBox Peanut butter blueberries and vanilla ScoobySnacks

This bag of snacks is flavored with peanut butter, blueberries, and vanilla. While this sounds as a perfect human dessert, don’t make a mistake – it’s for every mystery investigating and geese chasing good dog, not you. The treats are made in the USA and have no corn, soy, and other strangely mysterious things. The only thing they are is scoobydee good!


BarkBox ScoobySnacks lamb recipe with chamomile and lavender

Another bag is lamb recipe with chamomile and lavender. This is another combination of good for your dog bites that sound tasty enough for humans. Oska loves getting spoiled and since odds of her catching geese are low, she will be content with this lamb with herbs concoction instead.

Scooby Snacks beef recipe dog chew

Scooby Snacks beef recipe dog chew

While Scoob loves tall sandwiches and hot dogs, Oska appreciates a nice chew any time of the day. As soon as she comes back from the chase, she will be rewarded with this and will totally consume it in 30 seconds. Beef is the main ingredient here and that explains why dogs love it so much.