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Barkbox May 2020 Review

Barkbox May 2020

Dogs knew nothing about the famous coronavirus and still happily know nothing, so getting an extra box or two of treats doesn’t seem suspicious to them. At least this is the story in my house. While many states are getting to enjoy relative freedom in connection to COVID-19, California the beautiful remains tightly guarded. So what do Californian dogs and their owners to do? Subscription boxes, that’s what!

BarkBox May 2020 Promo

Oska is one spoiled girl with all sorts of entertainment we are coming up for her. And I am not complaining – it keeps all of us engaged and active while playing with her, so I gladly cater to her. Since I don’t have much interest in shopping with a mask on, I absolutely love getting dog toys and treats delivered, and BarkBox definitely delivers. 

BarkBox May 2020 Discount

This hasn’t been our first box, far from it, and we still love it every time. I am not sure about Oska, but I definitely appreciate all the themed cute toys that follow a different theme each month. This time it was Night at the Squeakeasy, kind of Bonnie and Clyde roaring 20’s with decadent treats. And she was into it from the minute she smelled the box, but who would blame her – the brown box always means something fun and tasty!

BarkBox May 2020 Promotion

Before we dive into all the games and goodies, let’s take a look at some news. There was a card in the box about adding $5 to the monthly subscription for a nice dose of breath freshening The Bright Dental treats. While we like giving our dogs, especially older ones, treats, very few of them have any dental benefits. This dental kit includes some drops and treats that drops go onto, so your dog will get his teeth brushed without even knowing it. Boy do I love such secrets!

BarkBox May Promo Code

There was also an invitation Oska can send to a friendly pup to sign up for BarkBox and get a free Scooby Doo inspired Scoob! BarkBox. The lucky dog will get a box full of Scoobylicious toys and treats. This offer is one time only and we intend to give it to our fluffy friend next door.

BarkBox Scooby Doo inspired Scoob

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This is what we got in our box:

Spider from the roaring twenties

BarkBox Spider from the roaring twenties

This is my favorite! Oska right away put it in her mouth with such love that I am not sure how long it’ll be alive. It will definitely lose its cute red hat, unfortunately. It has the cutest face and the most delicious squeaker. It also has plenty of legs for destruction.

BarkBox Spider

Pooch Hooch

BarkBox Pooch Hooch

This good stuff comes with a delightful squeaker, crinkle details, and best of all – a handle for tugging or according to Oska, for chewing it off. The toy has a smile with one lost tooth, so what’s a lost handle or top? It’s also red and bright, so it is not going to get lost under any of our sofas. Kids like these colors too!

Berry and Clyde treats

BarkBox Berry and Clyde treats

This is a very appropriate bag of treats for the flapping twenties that were full of adventure and not on a lock down, like the not so roaring 2020’s. The treats are soft and feature bacon and blueberries. They are made here and so good for her, so what else can I ask for?

Duck Soup dog treats

BarkBox Duck Soup dog treats

There is no real duck soup, of course, but it sure smells like it. It comes from BarkBox exclusive line of Squeakeasy Treats and in addition to duck flavor, includes pears and cranberries, because how would duck go without such additions?

Soft & Chewy Peanut Butter Carob Stick

BarkBox Soft & Chewy Peanut Butter Carob Stick

Last, but not least, it’s a peanut butter stick. Chews like this disappear really fast, so I usually don’t buy her anything like that, but this is why she appreciates BarkBox even more. Sure, it’s nice to chew something for an hour, but a peanut butter flavored goody that is swallowed in 15 seconds?  – Pure deliciousness! 

BarkBox Peanut Butter Stick

Thank you, BarkBox, again! Now if you could help rescue us from this lockdown, would be great!