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Dog Mom Box vs. Super Chewer Box

Dog Mom Box vs. Super Chewer Box

In the time of subscription boxes, dogs have the biggest variety of boxes for them after humans, at least that is what it seems to me. I am no expert, but I have a dog, which I want to spoil, so I do research and do my fair share of subscription box trials. So far I got my Portuguese Water Dog Marlo a regular Bark Box, a Super Chewer from Bark, Chewy Puppy Box, and a Dog Mom Box. The last one is kind of for both of us, but the first three are strictly for him.

Today I would like to talk about Dog Mom Box and Super Chewer Box. Comparing them is not apples to apples, but they both are dog related, so I can do it.

Spring Super Chewer Box Discount

Subscription boxes that are delivered to your home without you having to venture out shopping are of great importance these days when we are all sitting at home under ‘shelter in’ orders, self-quarantining, or just practicing social distancing – all the measures taken to avoid getting coronavirus that is gripping the world.

Spring Super Chewer Discount

Many businesses and non-essential services are closing their doors all across the nation; some of them close their websites as well to keep employees safe at home. Grocery stores, pet stores, banks, and pharmacies are considered essential and don’t have to be closed. However, if you want to be completely safe and protect your loved ones from the potentially deadly virus, you should avoid going to stores as much as you can. If your pet is healthy he will still need food and toys, but try getting it online while staying home.

Spring Super Chewer Box Coupon

This is where subscription boxes come into play. They come periodically, with minimal exposure to people, and they bring lots of fun in time when fun is really needed, both for you and for your family members, two legged and four legged.

I started ordering both of those boxes before we have ever heard of COVID-19 dangers and will continue with them, especially now.

Spring Super Chewer Promo

If I think only about Marlo, I have to say that I like Super Chewer box better because all the goodies are for him – all 6 of them. Super Chewer box caters to dogs that are very good at chewing, which is what Marlo is. He kills fuzzy plush toys right away, so unfortunately we can’t have too many of those. Super Chewer box includes two sturdy toys, two bags of treats, and two chews. It costs $39 per month if ordered on a monthly basis, but can be as low as $29 each month with 12-month subscription.

Dog Mom Box Discount

Dog Mom box has 2-4 items for a dog and 2-4 items for dog parent. It is more expensive, but can be modified for the number of pets, for example, you can get a box for you and 1 dog, 2 dogs, or 3 dogs. A box for you and one dog will cost $37.99 per month, $55.99 for 2 dogs, and so on. I was able to apply 50% off coupon for my first box, so I just paid $19 for my 1 dog box.

This is what came in our spring Super Chewer box:

Spring Super Chewer Box

  • Sturdy, heavy blue toy dove made of solid nylon and natural rubber and vanilla scented. It’s BPA free and can be washed in the dishwasher.

Spring Super Chewer Box Rubber Toys

  • Small rubber bee with squeaker, made of natural rubber and honey scented. It is very similar to the dove, just a little bit smaller. It’s great for playing fetch.
  • Chicken recipe dog treats with salmon – wheat, corn, soy, and grain free, made in the USA, chewy and tasty.
  • Turkey recipe dog treats with sweet potato and kale – free of the same things as the first bag, crunchy, and delightful.

Super Chewer Butcher's Block Bones

  • Butcher’s Block Bones 100% natural 6” Krunchie Tube – this one was Marlo’s favorite as he took a long time to chew this hollow dry skin.
  • Thinkers Real Sticks Dog Treat Chicken Recipe – this sausage was absolutely tasty, but small and gone in 15 seconds.

Spring Super Chewer Coupon

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  • Free Extra Month with code oscarfrenchienyc

As you can see, all the toys and treats are very thought through with dogs in mind. I was careful not to let Marlo overindulge in all the goodies right away, but save some for later, so he got to enjoy this box for a long time.

This is what we got in our Dog Mom box:

Dog Mom Box Coupon

  • A cute stuffed baby sloth holding an apple – it was absolutely adorable, but dead in an hour.

Dog Mom Stuffed Baby Sloth

  • Turkey Chews treat bag – all kinds of healthy ingredients, seeds, veggies, oils, and no grain of any kind. Marlo loved this very much!

Dog Mom Turkey Chews

  • Bully stick that was thoroughly enjoyed and gone very fast.

Dog Mom Bully Stick

  • Vintage tote for me with DOG spelled all over it in colorful capital letters – my favorite.

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  • $5 OFF Your First Box with code DOGMOM
  • Free USA Ground Shipping on 3 Month Prepay Plan

Dog Mom Vintage Tote

  • Dog Mom car coasters to keep moisture away from car cup holders. This was useful, but not something I would’ve bought myself.

Dog Mom Car Coasters

  • Dog Mom sticker – I didn’t find it useful at all.

This box had two great products for Marlo and a tote for me. The soft toy, coasters, and a sticker were kind of blah… While it’s nice to get surprises delivered any time, I would choose Super Chewer surprises from Bark over Dog Mom box goodies anytime. I assume my dog would do the same!