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BarkBox Frenchies in Paris Review

Barkbox Frenchies in Paris Box

Vacation in Paris this year is not gonna happen for anyone; we all have to accept that. French themed vacation in our backyard or at a local park is all the rage though, and that is OK this year. BarkBox understands our frustration and is on the mission to help us and our pets experience France in America with their Frenchies in Paris theme this month.

Barkbox Frenchies in Paris Summer Box

The City of Lights would fill our vacation up with tasty delights, romantic places, cheese, wine, fresh bread, and incredible smells. BarkBox brings just that for vacationless pups and their parents. This month’s box is filled with cute and pun intended toys and treats that are worthy of teleportation to France, even if just for a day and in our dreams. All of this goodness of expertly selected doggy goodies can be yours for just $29 per month or $21 with 12-month subscription!

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Barkbox Frenchies in Paris Box Promo

While my dog doesn’t care much about the symbols of everything French, he appreciates a good toy and a scrumptious bite any time. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s on le menu this time:

Brie Cheese double toy

Barkbox Brie Cheese double toy

No French vacation would be possible without Brie cheese. This plush cheese comes with two parts – one big drum and one attachable triangle piece. It’s a perfect dog puzzle. I wonder which one of those will be eaten first – that’s my puzzle. My suspicion is that the smaller piece will lose its sad eyes before the big one is stripped off of its mustache. The toys are very appropriately white, but won’t stay like that for long.

Cabernet Slobberon bottle plush toy

Barkbox Cabernet Slobberon bottle plush toy

As an avid wine lover, I am very happy with this toy. It’s fancy and it reminds us all of better times to come, so cheers to that! The bottle has a squeaker and is getting opened by Marlo from the bottom, but this summer is his to enjoy at home, so he can open his bottles whichever way he likes.

Peanut Butter Cookies

Barkbox Peanut Butter Cookies

France or no France, but peanut butter cookies are always welcome. Perfect little bites go absolutely doggaliciously with that bottle of wine that is open from the bottom and spilling its plush insides during the celebration of corona kind of life. Small size of cookies is great for training. We are currently working on standing on hind legs for a few seconds.

Pork Cuts treats

Barkbox Pork Cuts treats

Did somebody say pork?! Marlo likes peanut butter alright, but pork comes first. The bag smells from a distance and enticed my dog to get into a sitting and giving paw position before I even opened it. Like a proper Frenchman he can tell a good thing from a far! One thing you will have to watch out for is protecting that bag from getting eaten after the bites are over, which shouldn’t take long.

Hard and Crunch Lamb Stick

Barkbox Lamb Stick

BarkBox likes to include one of these in most boxes, so we had it before. It’s not very hard, but it is definitely scrumptious and gone in seconds. The chews are made here and include real lamb, so Marlo’s excitement is understandable and undeniable. He is entitled to it and hopefully I can get enough positive vibes watching him enjoy the finer things in life – I really need this joy when not being able to make my yearly trip to Europe this summer.