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Surviving Christmas with Nutrisystem

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Surviving Christmas with NutrisystemNutrisystem Christmas survival/20off.com

Thanksgiving is over and hopefully we all survived it with only a few pounds gained. I know I did, and I give lots of credit to Nutrisystem, with the help of which I lost enough weight going into the holidays to stay somewhat afloat after a long week and getaway with friends to a lake house, where we, yes, ate and ate, and also ate. I am happy to report a 3 pound gain, which is melting already as I am back to real life and my Nutrisystem dietary support.

Nutrisystem Chicken Pot PieFighting Christmas dinner overeating with Nutrisystem sensible meals

I am jumping back on a diet wagon because we still have Christmas binge eating to go through, so it’s a perfect time to start your weight loss journey and lose a few pounds. Did you know that an average Christmas meal packs over 4,500 calories with appetizers and a couple of drinks? This number scares me enough to cut back on eating and getting back on Nutrisystem.

Christmas Diet with NutrisystemPowerful snacks from Nutrisystem

How much weight can you lose with Nutrisystem, you might ask? It’s been 13 pounds the first month for me and then steady 2 pounds per week. This means that there is enough to time to lose up to 6 pounds before Christmas, so let me tell you how I am planning to do that and then go through the most magical time of the year without picking all 6 pounds back:

Make a plan

Nutrisystem Meal PlannerNutrisystem Kickstart weight loss planner

For a real Nutrisystem success plan you do need to do some thinking. First of all, decide how you will approach Christmas Day celebration. Will you be at home or somewhere else? It always helps to take a few Nutrisystem frozen meals with you and have them handy for microwaving when needed. Otherwise it’s perfectly fine to sample different real world meals, but small portions, very small, in fact.

Nutrisystem Diet PizzaYes, you can eat pizza from Nutrisystem guit-free

If you are cooking, have a bottle of water in the kitchen to keep cravings at bay. You should also stay away from appetizer table and eat only homemade foods. Finally, don’t pick small tastes all day while cooking – that can hurt you without even noticing.

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Nutrisystem Ice Cream SandwichThere are desserts from Nutrisystem every day

Make your own Nutrisystem diet

Yes, you read it right! You can buy “The Low GI Cookbook – Nutrisystem Edition” and make your own delicious diet foods this Christmas. The key is not to deprive yourself, but rather enjoy real foods in moderation. And then there are all the vegetables and fruit that Nutrisystem advises to buy anyway, so load your plate up with them and love life.

Nutrisystem CookiesCookies and pretzels from Nutrisystem

Stay on track

Nutrisystem Pizza for Christmas breakfastNutrisystem pizza is almost like a real thing

My advice is to not skip meals leading up to Christmas because then all that deprivation can backfire and cause over indulging and weight gain for no reason. If you’ll stay on track, chances are you will do great during the feast too. Whatever you do, don’t skip breakfasts!

Nutrisystem Diet Christmas BreakfastMorning pancakes from Nutrisystem

Have a goal

Nutrisystem MuffinChristmas style red velvet  cupcake from Nutrisystem

For some reason people tend to lose their focus and goals come holidays. The best practice is to make goals for the entire holiday season and stay with them. Goal achievement calls for small rewards, so spoil yourself a little too.

Nutrisystem Buttermilk WafflesWaffles from Nutisystem and blueberries is a good combination

Can you drink while on Nutrisystem?

This is a no, but you can make some exceptions over Christmas. Alcohol itself has way too many empty calories and then after a few drinks all resolution to stay from food goes away and you might make a not so dignified exit from whatever party you are at. To stay on the safe side, have a drink or two and switch to water, sparkling water, club soda, tea, or a Nutrisystem Turbo shake.

Nutrisystem Turbo Shake Christmas PromotionNutrisystem probiotic shake is perfect for Christmas morning

Cook with less

Nutrisystem Dinner with Fresh VeggiesSome of us would really like this Nutrisystem meal

This applies if you are cooking a good part of the feast because then you can substitute sugar with sugar alternative, eggs with egg substitutes, replace butter with low fat margarine, full fat milk with 1% milk, and sour cream with yogurt. Finish all that with lots of veggies and salad.

Nutrisystem Diet NutritionYou’ve got to like Nutrisystem wraps

Once the dinner starts, grab some fruit and veggies first, pass on the bread and creamy sauces, and use smaller plates. It is important to enjoy your meals and chew slowly putting the fork down between bites, that will keep you busy and you will get full faster. You can talk and socialize more than eating to avoid focusing on food too much.

Nutrisystem Holiday MuffinFrosted cinnamon bun for breakfast from Nutrisystem

Get Nutrisystem support

Doing it all alone is not easy, so talk to your family members about your program and ask them to not push extra food your way. It’s also very helpful to join some Nutrisystem discussion boards and weight loss challenges, which are plenty before holidays.

Nutrisystem Diet Holiday BreakfastTasty breakfast option from Nutrisystem

You can talk to likeminded people or Nutrisystem counselors about Nutrisystem dinner on your own plans and get some great ideas for Christmas.

Nutrisystem Diet Christmas DinnerPasta dish from Nutrisystem

Stay active

There is no reason to sit all day at the table, so encourage your loved ones to take a walk or play a game outside of the weather is nice. Everybody will benefit from this. Getting in a workout before the dinner would be even better! And leave these leftovers for others, so that you won’t ruin your diet for more than one day.

Choose quality, not quantity

If you choose to take a break from your diet, think about how many calories are there in Nutrisystem meals and try to replicate that. Sample everything on the table, but lean towards proteins and greens in small portions.

Nutrisystem Christmas MealUp close and personal from Nutrisystem

Eat Nutrisystem meal before the party

Can you eat steak on Nutrisystem? Yes and yes, you should do that before going out or hosting a Christmas dinner at your house. Just pop a heart healthy entree into your microwave and you will be ready for your party and have better chances to stay on track.

Nutrisystem Christmas DinnerHigh protein, but low carb meals from Nutrisystem

Enjoy Christmas

This might be the most important thing – we spend so much time planning and worrying that we forget to enjoy the holiday and its spirit. Every gain can be corrected afterwards with Nutrisystem’s monthly plan, 4 week plan, or 10 day weight loss kit.

Enjoy Christmas with NutrisystemChristmas style cupcake from Nutrisystem to help with cravings