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Best and Worst Tasting Nutrisystem Meals

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Nutrisystem MealsNot all Nutrisystem meals taste the same

We all know that Nutrisystem is great for losing weight, for changing your diet, resetting your body, and just love the simplicity of no need for cooking. But how does it really taste?

What do Nutrisystem foods look like?

Nutrisystem Fresh Start PromotionThe selection of meals from Nutrisystem is very wide

The Nutrisystem foods are either fresh frozen or shelf-stable. This means that both options will have to be heated up and both options will have some type of preservatives to keep. Despite this the experts behind those meals still managed to create something that is low glycemic and high in nutrients and taste.

Nutrisystem Chicken NoodleMultiple lunch options from Nutrisystem

The foods arrive in the box neatly organized into breakfasts, lunches, dinners, deserts, and protein drinks. Many people like to keep all the packaged goods in one box, shakes separately, and of course, frozen foods in the freezer.

Nutrisystem Favorite BreakfastsYou can take Nutrisystem meals with you and have them on-the-go

What option does Nutrisystem send for breakfast?

Some of the favorite breakfasts include, listen to that, Chocolate Frosted Donuts, Apple Strudel Scones, Chocolate Chip Scones, Banana Nut Muffins, and even bagels. All of those have to be good, and most people in reviews agree. It would be hard to make something that contains chocolate in it taste bad, so Nutrisystem has it easy with this one. Making something chocolate covered nutritious is another story, but they manage somehow.

Nutrisystem Breakfast MenuNutrisystem breakfast muffins are for sweet tooth people

When it comes to the rest of the menu items, whether frozen or packaged, they all are OK, according to most people. Just OK, not spectacular. A lot depends on your diet and regular eating patterns. If you are used to frozen TV dinners, you will be totally fine. If you are used to freshly made foods from scratch, you will be disappointed.

Breakfasts, as we mentioned above, are pretty good. Some cereals might taste kind of bland, but then you are allowed to add raisins, fruits, and berries, and other things to make it better.

Nutrisystem Chocolate MenuChocolate flavor Nutrisystem shakes

What can we expect from desserts?

Deserts are hard to destroy, so most taste good.

Nutrisystem Dessert

Sweet bars, cakes, and cookies won’t be what you are used to, but you can definitely enjoy them, especially when you know that every sacrifice and every substitution takes you closer to your weight loss goal.

Nutrisystem Cakes and CookiesMany Nutrisystem snacks are sweet

Let’s take a look at more serious food category and talk about a few meals here. Some are loved more universally than others, but a lot depends on personal taste. If you get tired of microwavable goodies, you are free to add fresh salad, fruits, and veggies to Nutrisystem diet any time. All that being said, this program is really affordable, easy, and gives you quick results, so going through some meals that are not ideal is all worth it.

Nutrisystem 5 day Weight Loss KitNutrisystem 5-day weight loss kits

What meals do people love on Nutrisystem the most?

  • Black Bean Soup – it will satisfy all your taste buds and load you with fiber and Omega 3’s. The soup is good for your heart and for your palate. You can always add more veggies and take it to work for an easy microwave lunch.

Nutrisystem Bean SoupLunch meals are small, but will keep you full

  • Fudge Graham bar – the taste is definitely not what you would expect from a diet food. You have a combination of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker, but loaded with protein and not loaded with sugar.
  • Vegetable Fajitas – this meal is perfect for all vegetarians. The protein comes from soy and the taste comes from perfect spice mix, corn, beans, and peppers. You can add more vegetables if you desire so.
  • Meat Loaf and Mashed Potatoes – this is your meat and potatoes dish, but with less carbs and without tedious and time consuming preparation. Pop it in the microwave, heat it up really well, and enjoy. This flavorful meal is a bit small, but the size is compensated by taste.

Nutrisystem LunchPasta lovers celebrate Nutrisystem meal options

  • Mac and cheese – this meal is your childhood favorite unhealthy option made healthier without sacrificing the taste. You can take this microwavable cup to work or school and enjoy the saucy healthy meal anywhere.
  • Cheese Tortellini – the meal is hearty, easy, and tasty. To get the best flavor out, make sure you heat it really thoroughly.
  • Cheese Puffs – if you constantly crave something salty and blame that for your weight, you can breathe easier now. These little guys will satisfy your cravings and you will still be on a diet eating them. How good is that?
  • Ravioli in Basil Tomato Sauce – the sauce is so good that you want it to cover all the ravioli and all the extra vegetables you might be adding to this meal. The ravioli themselves are thick, but have great flavor.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich – it is what it is and based on the name you can tell that it has to be amazing. It’s an ice cream sandwich after all! Word of caution – don’t get it unfrozen and runny.
  • Chocolate Frosted Donuts – this definitely doesn’t sound like a diet staple, but it is. It also doesn’t really taste like chocolate, or frosting, or donut. It’s more like a cake and this is why so many people love it.

Nutrisystem Chicken AlfredoPasta from Nutrisystem for dinner

  • Chicken Alfredo – another meal that would be hard to destroy and also hard to make very healthy, yet Nutrisystem found the perfect tasty way to do it.

Nutrisystem Coffee Protein Shake

  • Coffee Protein Shake – it’s like a perfect marriage between coffee and ice cream, so yes, it’s great.

Nutrisystem Protein ShakeVanilla shakes from Nutrisystem

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What are some foods that are unanimously not loved?

  • Mushrooma Risotto – for whatever reasons this one just doesn’t sit right with many people. It might be the combination of the two ingredients that has most of us turned off. There are some exceptions, of course, and you might just be one, so give it try and see for yourself.
  • Chicken Breast – there can’t be anything that good about a piece of meat that can sit on a shelf for 6 months, it just can’t.

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