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Nutrisystem Turboshakes - the Good the Bad and the Ugly

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Nutrisystem Probiotic ShakesNutrisystem Turbo Shakes are full of probiotics

Nutrisystem is one if the leading weight loss programs with nutritionally balanced meals delivered to customers’ door. In addition to meals, the program offers snacks and shakes as a part of the system. This article aims to provide information about shakes and the role they play in the weight loss program’s goals and aspirations.

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What are Nutrisystem Turboshakes and are they really turbo?

Nutrisystem Probiotic ShakeNutrisystem Turbo shakes are chocolate flavored

The shakes are a supplement to the meal plan, not the primary means of weight loss. The shakes come in powder form and have to be mixed with water by users. The flavors to choose from are chocolate, vanilla, mocha caramel, and strawberry. Most shakes don’t have such a variety of flavors. With this one you are destined to find something to not only like, but love. There are people that love those shakes more than anything else from the entire program.

Every shake has 1g of fiber, 15g of protein, 110 calories, 6g of sugar, and 8g of carbohydrates. Most people use this shake as a protein shake. If you don’t like the shake, you can get your money back within 14 days, so there is nothing to lose.

Nutrisystem Shake Plus dragon fruit CoctailCocktail of Nutrisystem classic vanilla shake mix with Dragon Fruit

Turboshakes are great for curtailing your cravings when they are at their worst. Reach out for a shake instead of something sweet and you will get energy boost thanks to protein and stay full longer. This will help you establish better eating habits and stay on track with your diet.

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What ingredients are in the Turboshakes?

Nutrisystem Turbo Shake Chocolate Shake MixTurbo shakes from Nutrisystem are a good way to start your day

  • Whey protein concentrate

This concentrate contains a small amount of fat and cholesterol. It also has high amount of fructose, so some people with lactose intolerance might have trouble with digestion.

When protein is a major reason why people feel full longer and why such supplement is great for dieters. It also helps build muscle, so using it after workout is essential.

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  • Calcium phosphate

This ingredient is meant to boost the absorption of this supplement and it also increases bone density, so it’s a double win.

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  • Sunflower oil

This is another healthy ingredient for the heart and for healthy cholesterol level.

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Who are primary candidates for turbo shakes?

This is easy – if you find yourself in the need of on-the-go meal form time to time, this is for you. All shakes replace a meal or a snack and add nutritional value to your day.

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Are there any negative sides of these shakes?

  • As we mentioned above, lactose intolerant people might not be able to digest this whey protein concentrate shake. Whey protein isolate would be a much better option for them, but the program doesn’t offer it, at least not yet.
  • The shakes themselves do not contain any weight loss ingredients; they only act as supplement material to help you stay on track. The shakes don’t excuse you from dieting and exercising if you want to see results. All dieters should use these supplements, but just don’t expect metabolism-boosting effect.
  • Even if you are fine with lactose, whey protein concentrate still tends to cause gas, so don’t be surprised if you will experience this side effect.

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In conclusion, Nutrisystem shakes are great for supplementing and meal substitution. They work with your diet and they work for your fitness needs. If you can digest lactose, the shake is the most perfect post-workout protein option. For those of us that can’t, the best way is to look for alternatives somewhere else, simply because protein shakes are good for everyone.

Nutrisystem Vanilla Shake Mix With Dragon FruitNutrisystem shakes help reduce belly bloating

Nutrisystem turbo shake can help you fight cravings and overeating. Drinking a shake between meals will keep you fuller and you will be able to feel satisfied after a smaller portion dinner or lunch. The shake is only 110 calories, but if taken before, it can protect you from inhaling 300 extra calories with your meal. The shakes are included in the program’s meal plans and for a very good reason, so definitely give them a try.

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