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Dieting in College with Nutrisystem

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Dieting in College with NutrisystemCollege life can be difficult for people with special diets

I think we all could agree that diets are hard. Diets in college are even harder due to time constraints, lack of money, and desire to go out with friends for some cheap tasty grub. Many young people move away from their parents for the first time in their lives with no experience of how to take care of themselves, especially their diet.  So the saying that freshmen gain 15 pounds often holds true.

Nutrisystem Diet for StudentsDespite some initial struggle success is possible

Most people go on and off quick fix fad diets that give very temporary results and then more weight gain follows. It’s like a never ending circle and so many college kids are involved in that on a daily basis.

Nutrisystem Diet in CollegeIn addition to student life people should care about their eating habits

This is when weight loss programs like Nutrisystem can step in do some good because they aim to change your lifestyle instead of just offering unsustainable fast results. Nutrisystem provides all your food for a month, so you don’t have to think, cook, and count calories – you just get on it, eat many small balanced meals each day, and watch pounds fall off.

Sounds good? Too good? – maybe because it a little bit is.

Yes, the start of the diet is exciting. You get various meals, try everything, microwave stuff, save time, and see your jeans fitting just a bit better every day. Everything except for fresh produce is provided to you. All the thinking is done for you and all the tracking is complete on the Nutrisystem tracker app, so you know where you stand.

This works great for some people and usually for some limited time. And then you have food boredom and all kinds of college temptations to go out with friends. It’s understandably hard for heavier people to fit in and to feel good about themselves. In college you will have questions from friends about your diet, your food, lots of whys and why nots. All that can be very discouraging for every dieter.

Nutrisystem for StudentsBreakfast is fast and made easy by Nutrisystem

It is always very important to keep the bigger goal in mind and to understand that you are doing this for you and not anybody else.

It’s OK to feel that you are missing out on something, but still try staying strong inside for your health. FOMO is real, so you should not stay behind all the time, just reduce the food outings and be mindful of what you eat when you do go out. You can always enjoy that decadent banana split when you reach your goal, even if it’s a small stepping stone kind of goal. Make sure you celebrate your achievements or life will be dull.

Nutrisystem Student DiscountCampus life takes some adjustment, no doubt

Nutrisystem weight loss journey should not be about fitting in a beauty standard, not about someone thinking you should lose weight, but about you wanting to take a better care of yourself. Weight change can bring many positive side effects – self-esteem, confidence, more friends, new love, happiness, and interest in fashion. Nutrisystem works by changing lives and yielding real results.

While Nutrisystem has pros and cons, it limits eating out, and causes students feel like they are missing out on fun, it also works, is heart healthy, and very affordable for all who want to lose weight and get on with life.

Nutrisystem Meal for StudentsIt’s easy to overindulge when you have exams on your mind

Does Nutrisystem have student discount?

It seems that Nutrisystem does not have special discounts for students. For all discounts for students click here

However, Nutrisystem does offer military discount on top of all current promotions. The discount is 12% Off plus 40% off on all plans. Thank you for your service!

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Nutrisystem SnackNutrisystem snacks can help you stay on track

Does the diet last forever?

No, of course not, eventually all dieters have to transition to the real life, but Nutrisystem offers ongoing support, grocery shopping lists, and counseling during the transition.

Nutrisystem Dinner for StudentsNutrisystem soups are prepared in minutes

The foods don’t always taste what you might expect them to, but Nutrisystem is rated as one of the best tasting ready-to-eat diets around. New users can find coupon codes for up to 50% off the first order, free snacks, and free 7-day shakes to jumpstart their diets. And you know what, some meals, though frozen and all, still taste better than college meal plans.

As long as you are ready for a change and are disciplined enough, Nutrisystem will help you reach your goals and better yourself with a little bit of patience and tenacity. All in all I say go for it and live your young dreams the way they deserve to be lived!