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Nutrisystem vs. Hello Fresh Comparison

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Nutrisystem vs. Hello Fresh ComparisonNutrisystem or Hello Fresh?/20off.com

Nutrisystem and Hello Fresh are more different than alike. While they are both food delivery services, one is a diet and another is a convenience tool. I have tried both, so allow me to show you some features, describe their similarities and differences, and compare them both.

Nutrisystem FoodNutrisystem Food

Let me start with a short description of both:

Nutrisystem Diet for Weight LossNutrisystem offers plenty of choices

Nutrisystem is a complete diet for weight loss. It is based on low glycemic-index, carb and calorie restriction. Dieters choose one of their 4 plans and receive an entire ready-to-eat or frozen food supply for 28 days.

Nutrisystem Dinner TimeNutrisystem meals smell good

They get 3 meals per day, 2 snacks, and 1 dessert. Customers are encouraged to buy their own fresh produce to supplement, but otherwise stay with the program pretty strictly.

Nutrisystem Diet Plan DealsPizza from Nutrisystem is only 220 calories

Nutrisystem is an effective program as long as people can tolerate bland and monotonous food that provides up to 1,200 calories per day. Most dieters lose about 13 pounds the first month and then continue at a slower pace, 1-2 pounds per week.

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Add Fresh Vegetables to NutrisystemDrool worthy Nutrisystem meals are rather small

The main problem with this diet is its effectiveness in a long run. Losing weight initially is possible, but maintaining this diet for extended periods of time is pretty unrealistic because of its cost and lack of variety.

Nutrisystem White Cheddar PopcornNutrisystem packs a great variety of snacks

Unfortunately, once the dieting period is over and people return to real world food, weight often creeps back up. There are, however, a lot of success stories from people that learned portion control and healthy choices through Nutrisystem and never went back to bad habits.

Fresh Vegetables and Nutrisystem PizzaSomebody would like a taste of Nutrisystem

My experience with Nutrisystem was not very successful. I did not plan to use it as a diet tool, but rather as a backup plan for when I need to lose a little bit of weight, for example after Christmas.

Nutrisystem AfterChristmas DietNutrisystem wafles for healthy mornings

I ordered a month supply and couldn’t even stay with that food for two days, let alone a month! I feel for people who stay with those frozen and dry meals for months. I love my fresh home cooked food too much.

Nutrisystem Dessert DealsDelightful Nutrisystem waffles are picture perfect

This is my personal opinion, however, and what didn’t work for me could be perfectly fine for somebody else, especially people who frequently buy frozen entrees and are looking for convenient diet, because if there is one thing Nutrisystem has nailed is convenience.

Nutrisystem DessertsIce cream sandwich from Nutrisystem

My disappointment with Nutrisystem is what led me to Hello Fresh. I have heard of them before, but what made really go for it is a coupon I found in my FabFitFun subscription box. I immediately put it to a good use and ordered 3 meals for 2 people.

Hello Fresh 3 MealsHello Fresh meal kits come nicely packed

The delivery was fast and efficient, like Nutrisystem, but what I found inside was very different – fresh ingredients and frozen raw meat!

Hello Fresh IngredientsHello Fresh includes clear and informative recipe and information

That is more my style – cooking fresh meals from scratch without looking for a new recipe or going grocery shopping, which always seems such a waste of time.

Hello Fresh Step By Step DirectionsCooking steps from Hello Fresh

The recipes were clear, had step-by-step directions, featured beautiful pictures, and all three took under an hour. I am not big on experimenting in the kitchen, but these I loved. They all turned out perfect and very enjoyable.

Nutrisystem BreakfastExperimenting with Nutrisystem breakfast

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35% OFF Nutrisystem Lunch35% OFF any Nutrisystem

When it comes to downsides, there is a couple. First of all, it is expensive and I still would have to visit grocery stores. Second, I would like at least some of that produce to be organic, but Hello Fresh currently doesn’t have such option. Finally, carrots and a zucchini were not very fresh, so possibly more quality control is needed here and there.

Hello Fresh Pork MenuEasy recipe for fresh meals

The program is not a weight loss diet and doesn’t provide days’ worth of meals. This is where the main difference between Hello Fresh and Nutrisystem come in. I do believe, however, that by cooking healthy meals from scratch would help many people lose weight. It is often enough to eat food that is not fast or frozen and your body would respond positively.

Hello Fresh Meals DiscountCooking involves a just few steps of preparation

All in all, I would go with Hello Fresh any time, while I would skip Nutrisystem even if somebody offered it with huge discounts and coupon codes. I also like that Hello Fresh has Month Club subscription and guides with tutorials.

Nutrisystem white bean chicken chiliNutrisystem Chicken Chili

To give Nutrisystem credit here I have to say that the program also has online support and active community, in addition to access to dietician with some plans. None of these two programs has anything to do with any fitness recommendations or suggestions, which would be important for me.

What else is similar?

  • Sustainable food sourcing
  • No antibiotics
  • No hormones
  • Recyclable packaging
  • No Paleo or vegan options

Nutrisystem Cinnamon Streusel MuffinSweet Nutrisystem breakfasts

  • No Keto
  • Vegetarian option
  • Dairy products included
  • Not organic
  • Both good for couples and families

Nutrisystem Hight Protein DinnerNutrisystem pasta dinner is instantly ready

  • Both are good for gifts
  • None offer soups
  • Both are customizable
  • Both have gift cards
  • Both have apps
  • Both are easy to cancel and customize (some plans from Nutrisystem)
  • Both ship free

What else is different?

  • Hello Fresh is not approved by nutritionist
  • Hello Fresh doesn’t offer diabetic option
  • Nutrisystem uses GMO ingredients

Nutrisystem Hight Protein LunchLunch from Nutrisystem is small, but nutritious

  • Hello Fresh offers seafood
  • Hello Fresh doesn’t have options for a single person
  • Nutrisystem is not recommended for pregnant women and new moms
  • Hello Fresh is good for kids
  • Hello Fresh can be considered gourmet food

Hello Fresh Cripsy Parmesan Chicken MealHello Fresh meal for two

  • Hello Fresh makes wine recommendations
  • Hello Fresh doesn’t have live chat option

Hello Fresh HealthyNicely packed Hello Fresh ingredients

  • Nutrisystem doesn’t allow alcohol
  • Cooking is needed with Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh CookingSimple, fast, and healthy from Hello Fresh

  • Hello Fresh doesn’t offer breakfast options
  • No cookbooks or recipes from Nutrisystem
  • Returns are not available from Hello Fresh due to perishable ingredients
  • Hello Fresh can be shipped to Canada, UK, Australia, while Nutrisystem is available in the US only
  • Nutrisystem costs about $10 per day, while Hello Fresh costs $9-$10 per serving