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MY Honest Nutrisystem Review

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Nutrisystem Fall 2019-couponNutrisystem lunch meals come in blue/20off.com

I have heard Nutrisystem name so many times that I finally decided to try it. I am at the very beginning stages with this diet, but would like to share my experience now and later as I’ll be eating more and more meals from this diet every day.

Nutrisystem Delivery CouponThe guard of insulated Nutrisystem box

First of all, a few words about me. I am 38 and consider myself an active mom of two with a busy social life and lots of work from home. All this active life can get to me sometimes, especially when it comes to my diet. I go to a boot camp type of workout every morning, 5 days per week, but once in a while my eating habits get the best of me. I always need to lose 3-6 pounds, my whole life, usually to no avail. This is the reason why I wanted to try Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem Fresh Start Snacks It’s amazing to get this much Nutrisystem food delivered

My plan is to try everything and maybe share a few lunches with my husband and a few snacks with my kids.

Nutrisystem Start Box CouponInspecting my Nutrisystem stack

Other than that it’s all for me – mommies everywhere deserve to pamper themselves in order to be able to take good care of their families, right?

What is Nutrisystem?

What is in The Nutrisystem Fresh Start BoxNother inspector of Nutrisystem supplies

This is very important to understand before getting into it. Nutrisystem is a meal delivery plan, when you order food for the entire month, get everything delivered, and compose your own diet. Daily meals are breakfast, lunch, dinner, and one snack.

Nutrisystem Fresh Start KitIt looks like Nutrisystem diet won’t be boring

The first month comes with Nutrisystem starter kit to jump start your diet, which consists of the same meals like regular weeks, but with even less calories + weekly supply of probiotic protein shake mix.

Nutrisystem Fresh Start Probiotic Shake MixNutrisystem Fresh Start program for weight loss kick start

How many calories does Nutrisystem provide per day?

Nutrisystem Fresh Start Box ContentsSo much to choose from Nutrisystem

This question is another important consideration. The meals will give you about 1,000 calories per day. This number might be OK for some and not enough for others. If you have serious weight problems and are used to high calorie intake, the beginning with Nutrisystem will be very hard, not impossible, but very hard. If you, like I, work out a lot, this will not be enough. I talked to my trainer about this diet and while he suggested going ahead and giving it a try, he warned me that with 1,000 calories per day I wouldn’t be able to pull through our high intensity morning workouts. In my case I will need to add a bit more protein and healthy carbs daily, which is very doable.

Calories in Nutrisystem DinnerNutrisystem taste tester wanna-be

Another thing you might want to add is fresh produce, especially veggies to go with your Nutrisystem meals. I love that there is no calorie counting, all meals come nutritionally balanced and pre-portioned, so it makes this diet very easy to follow and fun.

Calories in Nutrisystem LunchLunch from Nutrisystem comes in small portions

One thing Nutrisystem advises to stay away from is alcohol. And you might try to avoid full-fat dairy products, especially at the beginning.

What can you eat on Nutrisystem?

This is a beautiful thing about the diet – you can eat all kinds of fancy meals, including steak and pasta, just healthier versions of them. There is pizza, soup, pasta, lunch burritos, chicken, breakfast egg and sausage sandwiches, and a lot more to enjoy guilt-free.

Nutrisystem Fancy Meal Adding fresh produce to Nutrisystem meals is encouraged

How is Nutrisystem shipped?

First of all, shipping is free. It took about 2 days for the first part of the meals to arrive. All frozen foods came in one Styrofoam box with dry ice inside, still perfectly frozen and a day earlier than estimated. The package is recyclable, just be careful not to touch the dry ice with bare hands.

Nutrisystem Fresh Start Box CouponNutrisystem delivery has arrived

The second box with dry foods and snacks came a day later. Everything was nicely compartmentalized and easy to understand. The first week of Fresh Start meals were in a separate box asking to be opened first. All free extra and included snacks were mixed together, so it did look like I have a ton of snacks!

Nutrisystem Fresh Start CouponYou can choose from 160 Nutrisystem meals

How do Nutrisystem meals taste?

I can’t tell you a lot just yet, because today is my first day, but I will share my opinion so far. The main thing for me to adjust to is the fact that all meals come frozen or in packages with long shelf life, and this is not something I am used to. We make our meals from scratch. I have a feeling this will be hard to get over, but I will try.

Nutrisystem Meals TastePasta Alfredo from Nutrisystem

How much does Nutrisystem cost?

There are a few different plans, some more customizable, some for men, some for women, vegetarian, and diabetic. You can order weekly plans or get meals for a month.

Nutrisystem Coupon Code 40% OFF Stacking my Nutrisystem meals and working on a system

I went with a monthly Uniquely Yours Plan: Women, Chef’s Choice and paid $330 with various discounts. I ordered from Nutrisystem website and chose the basic plan with food choices made by Nutrisystem specialists. Once I try everything, I might go for a customizable option and pick meals based on taste.

Does Nutrisystem offer any coupons?

Yes, I was able to stack 4 coupons! First of all the meal plan was advertised as $553.83 retail, but offered at $330. I highly doubt that anybody ever pays the full amount. Then I got these extra discounts:

  • 7 free shakes
  • 10-pack of popcorn and pretzels
  • 3 free meals
  • 5 cookie packs
  • Free shipping

Where can you buy Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem Meal Kits at WalmartWalmart is a good place to shop for Nutrisystem

As I said, I got mine at Nutrisystem.com, but you can get some 5-day meal kits and snacks at Walmart.

Costco Nutrisystem Meal Plan Gift CardsCostco offers a nice selection and discounts for Nutrisystem

Costco offers Nutrisystem meal plan gift cards at about 25% off. Groupon is a good place to look for discounted Nutrisystem rates. And then there are Nutrisystem locations in every major metropolitan area, where you can go to and talk to a specialist about your options before ordering.

What meals taste good?

This is what I have tried so far:

  • Breakfast turkey sausage and egg muffin – it was excellent, especially with a few slices of avocado
  • Chicken Alfredo pasta – my husband ate this for lunch and did not like the taste too much

Nutrisystem Chicken Alfredo PastaSome meals from Nutrisystem taste superb

  • Butter popcorn – not my favorite
  • White cheddar cheese popcorn – loved it
  • Double chocolate caramel bar – rich and flavorful, excellent with coffee

Nutrisystem Double Chocolate Caramel Bar There are also Nutrisystem meals that were not my favorites

  • Chocolate chip cookies – not great, crunchy, too sweet

How much weight can you lose with Nutrisystem?

While it’s not that important to me and I won’t weigh myself, it is estimated that during the first month people lose about 13 pounds and then go steady with 1-2 pounds per week. To achieve these results you should stick to this diet 100% and incorporate some exercise into your daily routine.

I’m off to look for a Nutrisystem snack, but I will be back in a few days with more first-hand experience with Nutrisystem meals and answers to more questions that might be important to many of us.