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Nutrisystem for Athletes

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Nutrisystem Help SportsmensBreakfast is very important for athletes

What is Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem is a diet meal delivery plan, designed to provide you with balanced pre-portioned ready-to-eat meals that will keep you going and help you lose weight.

Nutrisystem for AthletesNutrisystem diet works for physically active people

Nutrisystem food comes in monty boxes and includes frozen meals with some plans. Nutrisystem offers a few different plans:

  • Basic – ready-to-eat meals that are selected by Nutrisystem specialists
  • Core – more flexibility of meal choice, but no frozen meals
  • Uniquely You – choice of meals, flexible
  • Uniquely You Plus – flexible, choice of 160 meals, includes protein shakes
  • Vegetarian – choice of meals from 90 optional meals
  • Diabetic – meals specifically designed for diabetes patients to regulate blood sugar

All those plans include a box of Fresh Start for the first week. This part of the program is meant to jump start your diet, help you lose weight rapidly, and get the body ready for steady long-term diet and lifestyle change. Fresh start is mandatory and has meals, snacks, and shakes that are extremely low in calories.

Nutrisystem Breakfast for SportsmenGood nutrition is very important for athletes

I would like to talk about Nutrisystem from the perspective of a person who is serious about fitness and healthy lifestyle. Weight loss is not what I am after, but rather convenience and balanced meals on hand for times when I need something fast, but healthy.

Let me tell you a bit about me. I consider myself fit and have never had any weight problems. I was involved and still am active with Taekwondo for the last eight years. I have started from the beginning and currently have a third degree black belt. This sport keeps me focused on not only my body, but mind too. I love their philosophy about values, family, and peace of mind. This is what kept me going for eight years.

Nutrisystem Breakfast Menu for SportsNutrisystem can help you lose weight and remain active

Needless to say my body is in good shape and strong. The first two years I went to train 5 days per week and today I go twice every week. I also live pretty active lifestyle and am very busy with college classes and life in general.

The reason for my desire to learn about diets, such as Nutrisystem, is food delivery and convenience due to time constraints. I am always looking for honest reviews and would like to find out if Nutrisystem really works for men and how safe it is. I also want to know if the diet has any side effects and how much does it cost.

In order to find answers to all these questions, I read a lot online and look for reviews from real customers on Nutrisystem website. And I like what I am finding.

Sportsman Nutrition with NutrisystemSerious sports depend on good nutrition

Most people, of course, stay on this diet to lose weight. That’s not me. But I was very happy to find bodybuilders’ forums and chats dedicated to Nutrisystem.

Building muscle and maintaining my third degree black belt in Taekwondo are my primary concerns, along with saving time on cooking and having something healthy to eat on a budget. Nutrisystem always offers promo codes, currently 40% off, so it’s quite affordable. Most people online agree that Nutrisystem discounts are very good. The entire monthly box costs about $300-$400, depending on a plan chosen, so daily cost comes to about $11, which is not bad at all. Nutrisystem also offers various discounts and free 7-days of meals and a box of Turbo protein shakes with Coupons.

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Nutrisystem 45% OFF CouponNutrisystem offers various discounts all the time/20off.com

The fitness community also agrees that Nutrisystem is not a bad diet if you are looking for convenience and quick-fix meals, but it’s lacking the needed amount of calories for any fitness activity, let alone muscle building. The diet is designed for cutting, not bulking. It provides 1,200-1,500 calories per day for men and that is not enough for my needs. That being said, I can always supplement with protein shakes, fruit, and vegetables, but that can become boring over time.

Nutrisystem Menu for SportsSerious athletes care about what they eat every single day

Nutrisystem actually encourages supplementing with fresh produce in order to get all the required nutrients, so that’s not a concern. And I can always add a lean chicken breast to my day for extra protein and calories. My Taekwondo mentors agreed with me that this amount of calories would not be enough, but totally doable with supplementation of real food.

I have tried tasting some meals at a friend’s house and liked the taste, not loved it though, but liked it enough to try my own regimen. I do cook my food at home from scratch, so microwavable diet would take some serious adjustment for me, but I am still very interested.

I don’t think I will want to stay strictly on Nutrisystem plan the entire month for months, but would like to use it in addition to my own cooking, when I have to study for exams or have some other things to do. I do understand how important adequate nutrition is and how valuable fruit, vegetables, and lean meats are for my fitness needs. This is why I have no plans to get on Nutrisystem full time, but I want to use it as a healthy alternative to junk food, when I have to get something fast.

Nutrisystem Meals for SportsNutrisystem Kickstart can get you on the right track

Nutrisystem meals have very long shelf life and can be used whenever I need them. With holidays approaching I think I will have many reasons to turn to Nutrisystem after overeating during Thanksgiving feasts and while away for the holidays. My body is my temple and I always want to take the best care of it, and according to experienced fitness coaches and activists, a diet like Nutrisystem can help everybody stay on track affordably and effectively.

All in all, I think I am in. The diet won’t come above my sleep, Taekwondo training, and love of fresh produce and real food, but it will make a wonderful and healthy addition for times when I need something balanced and fast.  

Can Nutrisystem Help SportsmenIt’s good to have some Nutrisystem snacks handy