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Which Stores Sell Nutrisystem?

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What is Nutrisystem?

Wamart Nutrisystem DealsWalmart and Sam’s Club are two major retailers selling Nutrisystem

It is one of the most popular diet meal delivery services in the US, but getting on the plan with Nutrisystem requires some level of commitment and is quite costly. The diet has a few available plans for women, men, vegetarians, and diabetics, but all of them require a monthly order, which can be daunting for those of us who’ve never tried it.

Nutrisystem Deals at WalmartWalmart is very convenient and always stocked

This is where Walmart comes in. The retailer sells Nutrisystem 5-7 day kits, shakes, boxes, bars, and frozen food a la carte, letting you test the diet before going on full commitment.

Nutrisystem Discount at WalmartYou don’t have to search far for Nutrisystem at Walmart

All the kits also come with counselling with representatives, so you can get on a right track simply and affordably.

Nutrisystem Promotions at WalmartThe choices are plentiful at Walmart/20off.com

What are weight loss kits from Nutrisystem at Walmart?

Nutrisystem Walmart CouponWalmart is it all to satisfy your cravings

If you have been thinking about joining a diet like Nutrisystem, but would like to try it before committing, 5-7 day kits are best. According to Nutrisystem, the 5 day kits are so effective that you will be able to lose up to 7 pounds in 2 weeks.

Walamart Nutrisystem KickstartNutrisystem Kickstart 5-day kit from Walmart

This is what Walmart carries:

  • Members Favorites – 5-day frozen weight loss kit
  • Turbo protein powered homestyle – 5-day weight loss kit
  • Protein powered jumpstart – 5-day weight loss kit
  • Nutrisystem D – every day favorites for 7 days

Nutrisystem Walmart CouponIt’s easy to fill up your cart at Walmart

Every kit comes in a box with a handle, so your convenience on the way out of the store is guaranteed.

Walmart Coupons:

  • $10 OFF Purchases of $50 with Code WOWFRESH
  • Free Two Day Shipping on Orders Over $35

NutriSystem Walmart CouponMany choices from Nutrisystem can be found at Walmart

Let’s take a look at every kit closely:

Members Favorite

Members Favorite 5-day frozen weight loss kit includes favorite meals from customers and also includes counselling. This is by far the most popular 5-day kit option at Walmart, and probably the best for starting the diet.

Every 5-day kit includes 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners, 5 desserts, and snacks. This is what you will get for every meal:

  • Breakfast – waffles, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, French toast, and omelet
  • Lunch – cheese melt, chicken sandwich, hamburger, pepperoni pizza, and Southwest fiesta melt

Nutrisystem Lunch at WalmartLoading up and supplies from Walmart also means savings

  • Dinner – roasted turkey, broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breast, meatloaf sandwich, mushroom stuffed chicken breast, and  Ravioli Formaggio
  • Desserts and snacks – chocolate brownie sundae, cupcake, ice cream sandwich, orange cream bar, and soft pretzel

You can order all this tasty goodness for $66 and get it shipped to your home for free or pick up at your local Walmart that same day.

Nutrisystem Flex 5 day Weight Loss Kit at WalmartYou can stop by often and get what you need from Walmart

What people love most about this diet is that all meals are pre-portioned and have balanced nutrients, so you won’t have to count calories. Besides all those meals you should also buy your own fruit and non-starchy vegetables.

Our recommendation is to start with one kit and then go from there. Yes, to lose 7 pounds in two weeks you would have to buy 2-3 kits right away, but don’t rush. Make sure you like the food and the fact that everything is frozen before investing more into this diet. If you decide to stick with it and continue buying 5-day kits, we suggest experimenting with different meals, so order different varieties just for fun.

NutriSystem Costco CouponYou can save on Nutrisystem when shopping at Walmart/20off.com

If you like Nutrisystem very much, go for 2 month plan instead of buying kits and you will save, especially if you have a coupon or buying from Costco.

Protein Powered Homestyle

This kit includes 15 entrees and no desserts or snacks and is another great way to get introduced to Nutrisystem. Here is what meals you can expect:

  • Breakfast – baked lemon blueberry bar, oatmeal cranberry bites, cinnamon bun bar, harvest nut bar, and granola cereal
  • Lunch – soups, beef alfredo, graham bar, three cheese chicken, homestyle chicken
  • Dinner – BBQ chicken, chicken pot pie, chili, and mac & cheese with turkey sausage
  • Turbo shakes – 5 shake mixes that are high on protein, probiotics, and fiber to jumpstart your diet and help you fight hunger at the beginning

The cost of this kit is $45 and it can be delivered or picked-up. This plan promises to help you lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks, so you will need 4 kits. Don’t get the same food each time or you will get tired of it fast.

Nutrisystem Weight Loss Kits at WalmartFlex and Kick Start Nutrisystem kits from Walmart

Protein Powered Jumpstart

This one also includes 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners, and snacks + counselling.

  • Breakfast – various bars and sweetened O’s
  • Lunch – beans and rice, cheddar broccoli rice, chicken alfredo, chocolate cherry bar, trail mix bar
  • Dinner – chicken parmesan, beef stew, meatballs with marinara, rotini & meatballs, and vegetarian chili
  • Snacks – chocolate bars, chocolate pretzels, and cookies

This plan costs $45 and is a little on the sweet side, so be ready for sugar rush.

Nutrisystem D (Diabetes) 7 Day plan

Nutrisystem is one of a few diets to offer meal delivery plan for diabetes patients. All meals here focus on lower sugar and sodium to help with healthy blood sugar levels.

  • Breakfast – oatmeal, granola cereals, and granola bars
  • Lunch – chicken and rice, soups, cheese tortellini, beans and rice, 3 cheese chicken
  • Snacks – apple bites, bars,

Dinners are up to you with this kit, which has a lot of customers angry.

Nutrisystem Flez 5-Day Weight Loss KitDieting is not all rainbows, but Nutrisystem makes it easier

A La Carte foods, shakes, and bars

If meal kits don’t interest you, you can buy separate components to try. You can get various bars, protein shakes, muffins, breakfasts on the go, cookies, popcorn, and pretzels at Walmart.

Nutrisystem kit is not available at Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed and Beyond Nutrisystem DiscountBed Bath and Beyond also has Nutrisystem deals

Bed Bath & Beyond used to sell Nutrisystem 5-Day Homestyle Weight Loss Kit for people who were interested in this diet, but did not want to commit to it before trying some meals. For them this kit was sheer perfection. The kit included 5 days’ worth of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks to jumpstart one’s diet.

Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons:

  • Up to 75% OFF Clearance
  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $39

Nutrisystem Snacks at Bed Bath and BeyondNutrisystem is as popular as Weight Watchers

Unfortunately today the retailer does not carry it online, so you have to call your local Bed Bath & Beyond store to see if maybe they still have this kit for sale. Our advice and your best bet is to just head to Walmart or Sam’s Club, which always carry some Nutrisystem kits and A La Carte items.

There is one more thing worth mentioning:

You can also buy Nutrisystem on QVC and eBay. That is a surprise to many, but yes, you can buy diet food on eBay. Who knew, right?

eBay auctions and Buy it Now section usually have multiple options for Nutrisystem protein shakes, and the prices are great too! For example, while a box of Nutrisystem Turbo Shakes is $12 if you buy from the company, you can score one for just $7 on eBay. While it’s definitely worth spending some time on the auction site hunting for discounts, keep in mind that some products can be old and expired, so always ask sellers for expiration date, with a picture.