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Should You Follow a Diet During Quarantine?

Nutrisystem Diet During Quarantine

As soon as we learned that we will have to stay home to save ourselves and to flatten the curve of COVID-19 disease, in front of the TV and with all those stock piled snacks, memes about getting fat began.

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Some people see body shaming in it, others view that as an encouragement to stay active and stay on diet. While we should do what makes us happy and what works for us, we shouldn’t be afraid of getting e few pounds more than getting the disease so serious that we could die.

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Internet is full of funny memes, rolling of the belly like dough, talking about qualifying for medical shows about fat people after quarantine is over, and much more. Self-made know-all trainers are uploading videos of themselves educating us about at home workouts and lifting those milk gallons instead of dumbbells, and gyms, while closed, still offer workouts via live Zoom cameras.

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There are suggestions to put your jeans on at least a few times per week to make sure you are not increasing in size. Again, some people view this as body shaming while others appreciate the inspiration to still take care of their bodies and minds even at home.

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While we agree with staying healthy, dieting and extremes can lead to eating disorders, clean-eating obsessions, and other body image problems. People often end up caring about their thinness and nothing else.

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Body shaming and funny memes can aid our self-loathing and act as money generators for an industry that ranges from diet foods to fitness equipment, and actual gyms. They will all need to rebuilt though, so some are getting started early with memes and advice to start dieting.

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While jokes about being fat are funny for some, they are offensive for others, who are already big. How would you feel if your friends were laughing at pictures of bodies that looked like you?

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When you share a funny meme like that, you let all overweight people in your life know that they are disgusting to you and you’ll do anything to avoid looking like them. While encouraging staying active and strong is nice, laughing like that is not.

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Diet encourages us to focus on our flaws and to think that we are not perfect and thus can’t be fully happy.

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Workouts are better for health than diets, as long as you treat them like a tool for health and not as a tool for self-punishment for not being ideal. Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem are working hard telling us to stay on the diet course and avoid becoming fat monsters, but should we listen?

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Diets like that have been proven to not work in the long run. All the lost fat tends to return as soon as we loosen up a little. This means that all the hard work is for nothing and we will return to where we started.

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This by no means is to say that we need to let go and become couch potatoes consuming 10,000 calories per day.

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It’s actually the opposite – we can use this down time to get into a habit of small frequent meals that we prepare ourselves, take a walk each day to enjoy beautiful spring weather, and do a little bit of exercising.

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The industry is definitely using this as a chance to sell future gym memberships, protein shakes, and vitamins to make you stronger and boost your immune system that will help you fight the corona virus if you’ll be so unlucky to get it.

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And then there are people who are losing jobs as we speak and are struggling to understand where their next meal will be coming from. Laughing at them for eating packaged food or a fast food burger is cruel at best.

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Working parents, who spend all day getting work in while also teaching their kids, might prepare pasta from a package instead of veggie salad with grilled steak for lunch, and that’s OK.

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Many people around us are having eating disorders and are now cut not only from their routine life, but also from mental health counselling.

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Think about them and be nice. Yes, encourage being healthy and boost their mood and self-esteem, but don’t be cruel with jokes.

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What we all need to do now is help each other, take care of each other, and support each other instead of fighting with our bodies. We’ll have time for that when this is over and we are back to some type of normal. Positivity can take us all a long way!

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