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Happy Birthday Chewy's Goody Box for Cats

Happy Birthday Chewy's Goody Box for Cats

Chewy’s and my relationship started after I got a puppy, so naturally I thought that the company’s main focus is on dogs. I was mistaken, I learned later. Chewy cares just as much about cats, fish, rodents, reptiles, and even horses.

Cats are what I also care about because while I don’t have one, my sister has a furry cutie and we like to spoil her. Chewy’s Goody Box for cats is one sure way to treat a royal feline royally, so we ordered birthday edition because I couldn’t think of a better gift for a little queen who already has all the toys and treats in the world.

Birthday Chewy's Goody Box for Cats

Since I don’t know much about cats, I really enjoy the fact that this box was curated by Chewy experts who do know what cats like. And opening the box full of toys and treats is much more fun than just getting one gift.

Happy Birthday Chewy's Goody Box for Cats Deals

Chewy’s Goody Box for cats costs $23.99 and includes free shipping. It usually has 7 party treats and toys that are handpicked by people who love cats almost as much as you do. A nice mix of toys, tasty snacks, and catnip flavored stuff is delivered to lucky cats just in time for their birthdays. You simply can’t let a feline in your life go without these goodies the next time she has a birthday party!

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This is what standard Happy Birthday Goody Box for cats includes:

Frisco Fish Catnip Toy, 3 pack

Chewy Frisco Fish Catnip Toy

The fishes are very colorful, cute, and enticing for a cat with fluffiness and pom-poms. The toys also have some fringes, so no cat will be able to say no to a toy like this for some nice tossing time. Catnip flavor is also not going to get lost on your cat’s senses.

Frisco Swattin’ Springs Cat Toy, 4 pack

Chewy Frisco Springs Cat Toy

The pack includes blue, red, green, and orange fabric springs for quality play time. You can get engaged or just toss them to your feline and watch her have a good time.

Frisco Happy Birthday Kicker

Chewy Frisco Happy Birthday Kicker

Sure, cats can’t read the celebratory message, but nothing stands in their way of enjoying a nice game of kicking it around. It’s plush, cute, and special for any birthday girl or boy who is young in heart and ready to party.

Frisco Plush Birthday Mice Cat Toy, 3 pack

Chewy Frisco Plush Birthday Mice Cat Toy

Ahh, what kind of cat birthday would it be without some colorful and festive mice toys? Chewy knows what all cats like and includes Frisco plush birthday mice in the gift bouquet. This just might be a favorite gift of all!

Frisco Plush Frosted Pastry Cat Toy with Catnip

Chewy Frisco Plush Frosted Pastry Cat Toy with Catnip

Final toy from the birthday gift is a frosted pastry that has catnip instead of real frosting. Watch your cat love it with all her heart and use it every day.

Meat Mates Lamb Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Treats

Chewy Meat Mates Cat Treats

These treats are not only tasty, but also good for them. They are made with 100% New Zealand grass-fed lamb and organs. The treats are light and very delicious. This could totally be the one thing that will make your cat beg for more and listen to you for a change.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Formula Crunchy Grain-Free Cat Treats

Chewy Blue Buffalo Cat Treats

Wilderness treats might bring that wild cat in her and that would be totally understandable. The treats are healthy, holistic, natural, grain-free, and totally crunch-alishious.

As you can see, the toys and play things are all made by Frisco, which is one of my favorite dog toy makers. They are always good quality and last for a long time. Cats are not as rough on toys as dogs, so they might be useful even longer. The value of this box greatly exceeds $23.99, making it one smart and fun gift!