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Chewy's Goody Box for Puppies

Chewys Box for Puppies

Chewy loves puppies and has a special box for welcoming new pups into their family and yours. Getting a puppy can be stressful, especially if it’s your first dog, but with this box you can get support from dog experts at Chewy.com. Puppy Box includes toys, treats, chews, and some essentials that every puppy owner can use. Poop bags? – check! Tips for potty training? – check! Toys and many other things? – check and check!

Chewy's Goody Box for Puppies 2020

I loved getting Puppy Boxes from Chewy when my dog was young and I still like them. Who says that only puppies need all those supplies? Except maybe for toys – they don’t stand a chance in my dog’s teeth any more.

Chewy's Box for Puppies Deals

Puppy Box costs just $24.99, but brings supplies for way more than that. Shipping is free with $49+ orders and all the supplies are hand-picked without pet parents having to do anything. I will take such service any time vs. going to a pet store armed with mask. There is a new Puppy Box each month, so you can sign up for continuous delivery or just order one when needed.

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Chewy's Puppy Box Summer 2020

Puppy Boxes also make perfect gifts for new pet parents. Imagine somebody you love getting a box like this at the door and enjoying a bunch of items at once! If you care about someone or someone’s four legged new family member, Chewy’s Puppy Box is a way to go!

Chewy's Puppy Box 2020

This is what you can find in this month’s box from Chewy:

American Journey Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Soft & Chewy Training Bits

Chewy Training Bits

These are perfect small treats for all training purposes. They are made with real chicken right here in the US and have no gluten, preservatives, or artificial stuff. The bag is on the small side, so make sure to save them for all those sit, down, and high five commands!

Frisco Hypoallergenic Shampoo with Organic Aloe, unscented

Chewy's Frisco Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Little coats need gentle care and this shampoo from Frisco offers just that. First baths can be interesting or stressful, so having the right supplies on hand is one less thing to worry about. This shampoo won’t leave your pup scratching either, so he can fall in love with washing up right from the start.

Frisco Scented Planet Friendly Dog Poop Bags

Chewy Frisco Poop Bags

I try to be as eco conscious as possible. I recycle all my plastic bags and don’t buy plastic water bottles any more. Poop bags are something that every dog owner uses a lot, so why not have Earth friendly kind? I am totally loving these right now and proudly wearing the green dispenser on my dog’s leash.

All Kind Puppy Latex dog toy

Chewy All Kind Puppy Latex dog toy

This squeaky toy is great for adventurous puppies who like to get into some mischief all the time. Rubber and latex toys are the ones that saved my table legs and computer cords from getting chewed up. This one is great for tossing and retrieval games as well.

Frisco Puppy Lil’ Romps Beary Cuddly toy

Chewy Beary Cuddly toy

This toy is so cute that if I had a baby, I would give it to him. It’s pretty small, but great for puppies. It will be killed and in pieces soon enough, but it’s a perfect play buddy while it lasts.

Frisco Fashion Leash

Frisco Fashion Leash

Frisco makes some of the best pet supplies and toys, in my opinion at least. And it can never be too many leashes at the beginning of pup’s life – he will bite them, pull them, and try to destroy them every way possible.

In total the box contains 6 items, and the leash alone probably costs around $20, so as I said, the value is great and all the products are wonderful!