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Best Outdoor Toys from Chewy

Top Outdoor Toys from Chewy

One of the reasons for our big yard is our young dog. When we looked for a house three years ago, we knew we will get a dog eventually. It took us 3 years to get over the loss of our 12-year old German shepherd, but eventually we were ready to love another dog. This is how Marlo, an active Portuguese water dog, came into our lives. And he is now the king of our house and our yard!

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Backyard running kids is not always enough, so I am always on the lookout for good toys for outdoor games. I buy some wherever I see good prices, but Chewy.com is one place that never lets me down. They have the biggest selection of supplies for all kinds of pets, great prices, frequent sales, and free 2-day shipping.

Chewy Outdoor Toys

Nothing beats the convenience either and that became especially apparent during corona lockdown, when many of us agreed to not go places unless necessary. Needless to say, I did lots of online shopping from Chewy and was always happy with the service I received.

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This is why Chewy was my first choice when I decided to get a nice supply of toys for outdoor entertainment of Marlo when the weather gets cooler. I also take him for long morning walks to a school stadium and wanted to get some flying toys for fetching. Chewy.com has it all and more, so I was able to get a whole bunch of stuff for just $50.

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Chewy Toys for Morning Walks

I ordered so many items that it took Chewy 3 days to deliver everything. We got 4 boxes and Marlo thought he died and went to heaven. This is what we will like the most for outdoor play time:

Frisco Fetch Rubber Flyer Dog Toy – $6.98

Chewy Frisco Fetch Rubber Flyer

This blue flying saucer seems to be very sturdy, but also flexible, made of tough rubber, not plastic. It flies great too, but Marlo needs to learn to bring it back instead of chewing it right away. I got this idea from a dog we met by the school and its play and focus during fetch games with his owner. Marlo has a long way to go, but we’ll work on it.

Chuckit! Ultra Toss Ball Tough Dog Toy – $7.99

Chewy Chuckit! Ball

This ball is on a small side, but it does say so in the description, so I am not sure why I expected something bigger. It is still great because what dog wouldn’t like a tennis ball thing with some ropes sticking out from it? We shall use it for fetch games around the house.

Nylabone Power Play Fetch-a-Bounce Dog Toy – $4.99

Chewy Nylabone Dog Toy

I like the toughness of this toy and I am sure Marlo will appreciate it as well. It looks like it can sustain some serious chewing and still survive. It also flies far, so we will work on our fetching techniques that will be complete with some tasty chewing.

Booda Tennis Ball ‘N Bone Dog Toy – $4.99

Chewy Booda Tennis Ball

This is a classic rope and tennis ball kind of deal. It is perfect for throwing and for tugging. Marlo enjoys chewing these types of toys as well, so it definitely has plenty to offer for just $4.99.

Pet Qwerks Incredibubbles for Dogs – $4.99

Chewy Pet Qwerks Incredibubbles

Sure, it smells like peach, but the little bottle is a bit overpriced. For some reason I imagined a bigger container, but it is what it is. Kids sometimes blow bubbles to Marlo and he gets very animated and fun to watch trying to pop them. These bubbles will be used in no time!

Hartz Zoo Balloons Squeaky Latex Dog Toy – $4.47

Chewy Hartz Zoo Balloons Squeaky Latex Toy

I didn’t know what we are going to get when ordering this and was very pleased with the purple rhino that arrived. My kids were even more pleased than Marlo, so I might give it to them for pool games. It is amazing, but won’t last too long in Marlo’s teeth.

Outward Hound Floatiez Penguin Bobber Squeaky plush toy – $6.26

Chewy Penguin Toy

This one Marlo is the most passionate about because it has a very unusual and enticing squeak. It also stands up after getting knocked down and is made of durable material, so I see all pros and no cons.

Chewy Peng Plush Toy

It will take a good amount of time to destroy this toy. It is on the heavy side and works great for throwing outside.

All Kind Toss & Play No Squeak Gingerbread Man – $3.50

Chewy Gingerbread Man Dog Toy

We had one toy like this before and it is virtually indestructible. Marlo loves chasing it and then chewing it in a shade somewhere. It’s always nice to get a toy that has been tested and loved already.

Hartz Dura Play Bacon Scented Rocket Squeaky Latex toy, set of 3 – $5.97

Chewy Hartz Bacon Scented Rocket Squeaky Latex toy

These are huge and smell like bacon from a distance. They also fly great, so I am able to toss them far.

Chewy Bacon Scented Rocket Squeaky Latex toy

I tested one on the lawn on our front yard and since it worked great, I will take it to the stadium the next time we go. Marlo definitely appreciates the smell!