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Best Toys for Dogs are From Sierra

Best Toys for Dogs are From Sierra

My dog Marlo is getting spoiled as of recently because his mommy (that would be me) is always looking for the best service, food delivery, toys, and overall experience for him. I am trying various subscription boxes, visiting pet stores, and searching for the best online shops to have best merchants selected for when we need something.

Sierra Toys for Dogs

When it comes to physical stores, I like buying toys and grooming necessities from Home Goods. Medical supplies, such as recent purchase of inflatable collar and dog diapers, usually come from PetSmart. I am using Amazon for dog food auto-delivery, but will be switching to Chewy.com after Amazon was late for a week and didn’t feel very guilty about that. Chewy is overall my new obsession because they have an insane amount of pet supplies and are known for their fast delivery and amazing customer service. I have tried their Goody Box subscription box and also love it. BarkBox monthly boxes are awesome too. See, I have experience about quite a few things already!

Sierra's Dog Toy Coupon

Today is Sierra’s turn! I didn’t even know that Sierra, or what used to be Sierra Trading Post, had anything for pets, but I was pleasantly surprised that they do. I always thought that they sell outdoor clothes and accessories for sports.

Sierra Dog Toys Discount

The only type of pet Sierra caters to is dog, at least for now. Actually, I take that back because I did see one toy that was intended for cats, but overall it’s mainly dogs. On the website there is a section for Home & Pet, where dogs have over 500 items to choose from, all split into 5 categories:

  • Dog toys
  • Dog beds and hygiene
  • Dog leashes and clothing
  • Dog bowls and treats
  • Dog travel

I was mainly interested in dog toys. Marlo is young, just turned one year old, so I am trying to keep him occupied and away from chewing table legs and chairs. He kills toys pretty fast, so I am always on the lookout for good deals and interesting toys.

Sierra Trading Post Dog Toys

Home Goods is usually my go to store for that, but I don’t shop there online, and with my busy life I need to find a user-friendly website where I will have plenty of choices and easy access to them all, complete with timely delivery.

Crayon Burrow Box for Dogs

Sierra Promotions:

  • 30% Off Plus Free Shipping with code SHIP89
  • Free Shipping $89+ Purchase with code HONEY89

Sierra’s dog toys were amazing. When I saw what they had and how cheap it was, I couldn’t believe my eyes! They have quite a few brands of toys that are all somehow nature and food orientated. I heard many good things about Zippy Paws, so looked for them only. Zippy Paws make life-like animals, critters, and objects that not only appeal for dogs, but for their owners too. The type that I liked the most was toys that come hiding in a log, a box, or a burrow. It is three small toys that need to be pulled out through the hole and can be put back inside for another search and pull out session.

Popcorn Bucket Burrow

Marlo likes to chew a hole in every plush toy that he ever had and then pull out and scatter white fluff from inside of those toys all over the house. The toys then need to be thrown away and the house cleaned up. If the toy remains otherwise intact, I keep it, but more little pieces of fluff come out during laundry and during play, making it quite frustrating. This is why I avoid buying him plush toys and look for sturdy rope kind instead. But plush toys are so cute!

Sierra Dog Toys Coupon

I recently found a pink mail box with three plush letters inside on Chewy.com and ordered it. To my surprise, Marlo pulls the squeaky letters out, scatters them around, but does not destroy them. All I have to do is pick them up and put the toy back together, so that it’s like new again. After such success, I wanted more toys like that, but nothing similar was available anywhere, until I discovered Sierra.

Sierra Monkey Rope Toy

On Sierra’s website I found many toys from Zippy Paws that hide inside some sort of container. I was overjoyed about the amount of choices and the prices. Most of those toys cost $6.99, some – $12.99. This means that for $6.99 I pretty much get 4 toys – the container and three small toys inside that are bound to last forever and are absolutely cute!

I went totally crazy with Sierra toys and got 6 different ones from Zippy Paws. To make things even better, besides the ongoing up to 30% sale on toys at Sierra, I also had 20% coupon, so savings were just coming at me from every direction.

Sierra Trading Post Dog Plush Toys

The toys arrived a few days ago and were unpacked today, as soon as we returned from a trip to mountain cabin. Marlo was a bit tired after spending 3 days playing with dogs at daycare, but he was very interested in his new supply of fun. I couldn’t get over how cute everything was.

This is what I got him:

  • Popcorn bucket burrow and three smiley popcorns inside – $6.99
  • Bunny carrot burrow and three baby bunnies – $6.99
  • Crayon burrow box and three crayons – $6.99
  • Monkey rope toy – $9.99
  • Hedgehog den burrow toy with three hedgehogs – $6.99
  • Huge log burrow toy with three chipmunks – $12.99

All of those goodies and shipping together cost me just $65. I am very confident that my kids and Marlo will have many hours of play thanks to those interactive toys and even if some will die eventually, at $6.99 per toy my heart won’t be aching and I will know where to get more.

Sierra Trading Post Dog Toys Coupon

Besides Zippy Paws toys, I saw lots of natural chews, rubber sticks, balls for throwing, and other tough toys from Nylabone, Ethical Pet, Chuckit!, Petstages, goDog, and many others. I am definitely going to be ordering more from Sierra!