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Little Known Sierra Shopping Secrets

Sierra Shopping Tips

There are few stores as wonderful to walk around as Sierra, especially if you like to do stuff outside. You are never going to be bored and always excited. Whatever you are looking for, you are going to find and then some.

Sierra Epic Deals

It’s hard to leave Sierra without a full cart of good deals and items that can’t be found anywhere else. If you love Sierra, you might think that you already know everything there is to know about getting the best deals on items you love, but think again. We have found some super fans and expert shoppers that are ready to share some of their tricks to help us do even better at saving while avoiding crowds and less than perfect deals.

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Read on and get your shopping on as soon as possible:

Examine price tags

Sierra Sycling Savings

Sierra, just like other sister stores (Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Homesense) use the same price tags that speak a lot about prices if you know how to read them. White color tags without stickers mean regular pricing, red stickers mean clearance pricing, and yellow stickers mean that the price is final and won’t be reduced.

Sierra Clearance Deals

Shop in the mornings

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Being an early bird helps saving money at Sierra. Please avoid Saturday afternoons at all costs – you will fight crowds and will not find many good deals. If you want the best shopping experience, come weekday mornings, when everything is tidy, organized, and well-stocked.

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Mondays are often clean ups after the weekend, so come in Tuesday-Friday and enjoy that Sierra shopping experience in peace. Finally, the absolutely best time to find the most spectacular deal is on Friday, when the store gets stocked in anticipation of weekend shoppers.

Sierra Promotions:

  • 20%-90% OFF New Markdowns
  • Free Shipping on Order $89+

Wrapping supplies

In addition to all the great outdoor supplies and apparel, Sierra has note-worthy supply of cards and wrapping supplies at select locations. And even better, the prices on those original cards are often lower than at many other retailers, so always look out for deals there and stock up.

Compare prices while shopping

While you are browsing Sierra shelves for deals, compare them with other retailers before heading to the register. After all, you want to make sure you are getting the absolutely best deal. Many price tags show you the high original price, but it doesn’t mean that really was the true price.

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All stores are different

One Sierra store can be very different from another, so it doesn’t mean that if your friend has found a great snowsuit for just $20, you will find the same deal at your closest Sierra. The reason behind is that some products are launched at a select few stores to see how they perform before making them available everywhere else. The goal of all retailers is to have an item sit on the shelf no longer than 3 weeks, so if you hear than somebody found something great, check it out at your store right away and ask about it because good deals tend to sold out fast.

Look at other sister stores

Sierra Sister Stores Deals

If you are after a specific item and your Sierra doesn’t carry it, check out other Sierras and go online. If that strategy also does not yield the desired results, go wider and check out Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and Home Goods. This will increase your chances, but will still not guarantee that the item will definitely be yours. Sometimes some things just fly off the shelves and there is nothing you can do, but do exhaust all options before moving on.

Sierra Promotions

Get a TJX Rewards Credit Card

Sierra Deals with Credit Card

If you shop at Sierra and other sister stores pretty regularly, it might make sense to apply for their credit card. You will get 10% off your first purchase after opening an account. You will also earn points for shopping and will receive invitations to exclusive events and get discounts. If you don’t want to open another credit card, at least sign up for their free rewards card and get perks and chances to win gift cards.

Shop online

Sierra Online Shopping

Finally, you might want to avoid all the rush and just shop online. Sierra has a website where you can find the same things as in your local store and often more. So if you are fine with not trying something on before buying, go for it. You can always return or exchange if it doesn’t fit, so you have nothing to lose and a lot of convenience to gain.

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