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Colon Broom Fat Burner Supplements: Are They Worth Trying?

Colon Broom Day and Night Burners can be added to your Colon Broom order at checkout.

When you start dieting you need to achieve the results fast, especially when the spring days are getting warmer, and a new swimsuit is expected to be delivered in a week. For over a month I’ve been using Colon Broom dietary supplement and have lost a couple of pounds. I am feeling optimistic about my weight loss plans, but would like to meet my goals faster. Luckily, I saw a new supplement at Colon Broom and ordered it. Here is my honest review of Colon Broom Day and Night Fat Burner.

Last time when I was placing my Colon Broom order, I was offered to include add-ons: 2 bottles of Fat Burner supplement. The tick is that these supplements become available only after you place your order at the official Colon Broom website. They are not available for sale on Amazon or other online retailers. In other words, they come as add-ons to your Colon Broom dietary supplement purchase. I paid $39.99 for 2 bottles of Fat Burner which is a month supply and got it delivered in three days.

The original Colon Broom supplement  comes with strawberry flavor.

What is Colon Broom dietary supplement? It’s a supplement rich in dietary fiber that ensures effective colon cleansing. It’s main ingredient is Psyllium Husk, a natural source of fiber, combined with citric acid and natural flavors. The supplement comes in two flavors: Strawberry and Tropical Fruits. I picked Colon Broom Tropical Fruits this time as it is new flavor and I wanted to compare it to Colon Broom Strawberry.

You can save an extra $10 on your Colon Broom purchase on top of sitewide discount with Colon Broom coupon.

Ordering Colon Broom I saved on my 3-month subscription with Colon Broom coupon. Right now, Coon Broom runs its spring sale and offers up to 65 % off your purchase, so it’s a chance not to be missed.

The main Colon Broom ingredient is Psyllium Husk powder which is a natural source of dietary fiber.

The ingredients of both Strawberry and Tropical are pretty much the same, the only difference is flavor. Both flavors taste good, but Passion Fruits seems to have a richer taste. Anyway, Colon Broom supplement works better when combined with Fat Burner. Two bottles mean that they should be taken in the morning and in the evening.

Colon Broom Day Fat Burner helps lose weight during the day.

Colon Broom Day Fat Burner dietary supplement should be taken in the morning with breakfast. 2 capsules a day in the morning will help your body burn fat while you are busy with your everyday tasks.

Colon Broom Day Fat Burner ingredients include important vitamins and nutrients.

Day Fat Burner list of ingredients is much bigger than that of Colon Broom and includes: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6,B12, Folate, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Magnesium, Zink, Inulin, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, European Elder Berry Extract, Grains of Paradise Seed Extract, Coenzyme Q10, Fennel Seed Extract, Rosemary Leaf Powder.

It’s recommended to take 2 capsules in the morning with the meal.

All these ingredients put together target fat burn and help lose weight faster. By taking Colon Broom supplement you increase your intake of fiber that helps eliminate bloating and relieves constipation. Colon Broom benefits include better digestion and slimmer waist. When you get rid of toxin you also tend to lose weight, and with Day Fat Burner you will lose weight much faster.

Colon Broom Night Fat Burner facilitates weight loss at night.

Colon Broom Night Fat Burner should be taken with your dinner, 2 capsules will work wine. This supplement comes with a bit different ingredients, although some of them are the same as in Day Fat Burner.

Colon Broom Night Fat Burner has a different list of ingredients.

In addition to Magnesium, Zink, Inulin, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, European Elder Berry Extract, Grains of Paradise Seed Extract, Coenzyme Q10, and Fennel Seed Extract, which are also featured in Day Fat Burner, Night Fat Burner includes Lemon Balm Whole Leaf Extract, Chinese Smilax Root Extract, Fennel Seed Extract and Verbena Stem & Leaf Extract.

Taking 2 capsules of Colon Broom Night Fat Burner with the dinner will ensure the best result.

As you see, both Colon Broom Day and Night Fat Burner bottles contain useful ingredients that only benefit your overall health. I have been using these vitamins for two weeks already and I like how my stomach feels. I feel less hungry during the day and together with Psyllium Husk fiber found in Colon Broom the supplements work awesome.

I would like to note, that these supplements work great when taken together. If you take Colon Broom Day and Night Fat Burner only, you won’t get proper colon cleansing effect. Keep in mind, that Fat Burners only enhance the effect from the original Colon Broom dietary supplement. They help improve metabolism and lose weight faster. I’m already approaching my weight loss goal, and Colon Broom stuff really works.

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