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Colon Broom vs Dr.Colbert Fiber Zone Battle: Which Colon Cleanser is the Most Effective?

Both dietary supplements are the source of fiber and support digestive health.

A huge selection of prebiotics and dietary supplements in most stores can be daunting. When I get to any Supplements Section in grocery stores, I get lost because of such a great variety of options, and if you check Amazon, there is even bigger selection. Now I want to compare two popular dietary supplements that are supposed to help get rid of bloating and constipation. These symptoms have always been an issue for me so from time to time I practice colon cleansing to get rid of toxin accumulated for this period of time and lose some weight. Yes, when your digestive system works properly you don’t tend to gain weight, even more, you are likely to lose a bit of weight only through colon cleansing.

So, today I am going to compare Devine Health Keto Zone Dr Colbert Fiber Zone and Colon Broom. Both offer support to gut health, but I will take an experiment and use each product for a month and then compare the results.

Dr Colbert Fiber Zone supplement has got natural berry flavor.

The first product I started using is Keto Zone Dr Colbert Fiber Zone. Since the bottle is clear you can see coffee latte color powder inside. I know Dr Colbert as the author of “The Seven Pillars of Health”. He is famous as best-selling New York Times writer and is a doctor by education. He is a notable figure and a licensed doctor with many years of experience, so his recommendations seem to be trustworthy. He created the formula of Fiber Zone supplement which consists of Psyllium Husk Powder, Inulin Powder, Natural Berry Flavor, Citric Acid and Stevia. The product is manufactured by Devine Health based in Taxes. I purchased it at Amazon for $33. The bottle of Fiber Zone contains 30 servings, and you are supposed to take 1 serving mixed with 6-8 oz of any beverage a day. In other words, a bottle of Keto Zone Dr Colbert Fiber Zone will last you for a month.

Dr Colbert Fiber Zone supplement facts and ingredients.

After using Keto Zone Dr Colbert Fiber Zone for a month I may say that the supplement is very effective. I didn’t have constipation that month and had no issues with my digestion. Rich in prebiotic, the dietary fiber from Dr Colbert is not aggressive but works well. It is easy to make and use and the berry flavor is very delicious. In fact, I tried many dietary supplements and I liked the taste of Keto Zone Dr Colbert Fiber Zone the most. I definitely recommend this product for improving digestion health.

ColonBroom has got strawberry flavor and also contains Psyllium Husk as the source of fiber.

Another product I used for a month is Colon Broom. It is a European brand that is also available in the U.S.Colon Broom bottle has 60 servings, but it is recommended to take the supplement 2 times a day after the first week of using is once a day. But for me personally taking Colon Broom 2 times a day is too much. I am very busy during the day and the only time I don’t forget to take it is in the morning. Considering that a bottle of Colon Broom lasts me for 2 months stretching this products for that long allows me to save money as Colon Broom is twice as expensive as Keto Zone Dr Colbert Fiber Zone.

ColonBroom ingredients have very much in common with those of Dr Colbert Fiber Zone.

If you check Colon Broom ingredients, you will see that it is very similar to that of Keto Zone Dr Colbert Fiber Zone. The major difference is that Colon Broom contains mostly Psyllium Husk Powder plus Citric Acid, while Keto Zone Dr Colbert Fiber Zone has a combination of Psyllium Husk Powder and Inulin Powder plus Citric Acid. Both brand use Stevia as sweetener. So, what is Inulin powder? It is also soluble fiber that helps nourish the digestive system with good bacteria and even helps the body absorb calcium and magnesium.

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Colon Broom has a distinct strawberry flavor and is of pink color. It has no artificial ingredients and they are all safe to use. I know that Colon Broom is expensive, but I applied Colon Broom Coupon Code CBOFF10 and saved an extra $10 off my purchase. In addition, the company often runs various promotions, so when you see one just grab the deal and purchase several bottles at once while the price is good.

Comparing these two products I must say that both of them are effective, their list of ingredients is very similar, and they both taste delicious. I didn’t notice any considerable difference in them. It is all about your personal preferences and budget.

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