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ColonBroom Versus Benefiber

ColonBroom or Benefiber

Colon Broom versus Benefiber: which dietary supplement is the best in terms of price, quality and effectiveness.

Aging, stress and lack of physical exercise often cause constipation and bloating. Here I am going to compare two popular supplements that my husband has been using and I’ll focus on the properties of each product, their effectiveness, and the price.

After my husband started complaining about the digestion issues, I made some research and pointed out two popular products with the highest ratings: ColonBroom and Benefiber.

Colon Broom dietary supplement has a strawberry flavor and contains organic Psyllium Husk Powder.

ColonBroom has been on the European market for quite a long time, since 2008, to be factual. I tend to trust the brands that stay on the market for so long. Next, I always check the ingredients. The list of ColonBroom ingredients will please even the pickiest customer like me, and there are several reasons for this. First, I try to stay away from products with excessive list of ingredients. When there are several dozen ingredients mixed how do you expect them to work and what small amount of each will you actually get. So, I don’t believe in the effectiveness of such supplements and would rather trust those with several ingredients that do work. That is why I chose the dietary supplements with proven working formula.

Fruit and vegetable juices in Colon Broom contribute to its bright pink color.

ColonBroom ingredients include Psyllium Husk powder known as a natural source dietary fiber. Psyllium Husk is a probiotic that supports digestive systems and is known to relieve constipation and bloating. But to make Psyllium Husk taste better the company has added natural strawberry flavor and lemon juice, along with some fruit & vegetable juice for nice pinkish color.

With ColonBroom Coupon CBOFF10 you will get an extra $10 in addition to up to 65% discount on your entire Colon Broom purchase.

In fact, Colon Broom tastes really nice and is easy to make. My husband used to drink it every morning for two months and felt considerable relief. He even downloaded Colon Broom app to keep track of glasses of water he drinks every day, how often he takes Colon Broom and log in his symptoms. He found ColonBroom app very useful and due to it he never forgot to drink Colon Broom. By the way, he was even offered $20 Amazon gift card for a 20-minute interview with ColonBroom research team. Well, not bad, but I wish they offered him an extra discount on the next purchase. When I was placing my last order I applied ColonBroom Coupon Code BROOM10 and got $10 Off  my purchase. I usually buy Colon Broom at their website, but it is also available on Amazon as well.

Benefiber Prebiotic BottleBenefiber contains processed wheat which is soluable in foods or drinks.

Before using ColonBroom, my husband relied on Benefiber to get constipation relief. It is a plant based prebiotic fiber supplement with the only ingredient: wheat dextrin, which is processed wheat.

Benefiber is free of sugar, gluten, and is completely tasteless.

As it is stated on Benefiber bottle, wheat is processed to meat FDA requirements for gluten-free products.

Benefiber supplement dissolves in water and becomes clear: 2 teaspoons of Benefiber have been added in a glass of water.

Benefiber is a tasteless powder of white color. When added to water, you can see that it has no color at all. So, one of the main advantages of Benefiber is that it can be added to any food or drink without affecting its taste. And you can add fiber practically unnoticed to any dish. My husband has a habit of drinking a glass of water the first thing in the morning. So, he just added 2 teaspoons of Benefiber to a glass of water, stirred it and let it dissolve for a minute. Of, I nearly forgot to say that there is no scooper inside Benefiber bottle, so it’s a little bit inconvenient. Other than that, I noticed no downsizes of the product.

The price of Benefiber at Costco.

The bottle of Benefiber of 62 servings costs $12.44 on Amazon which is a good price.

Benefiber Prebiotic Fiber Supplement available for wholesale purchase at Costco.

But if you are going to take it more than a month, consider getting Benefiber at Costco where you can get a 190-doze bottle of Benefiber for only $22.99.

Of course, Benefiber is much cheaper than Colon Broom. The bottle of Colon Broom with 60 servings which is the same as those of Benefiber costs $69.98, but you can get it cheaper with 3-month subscription at ColonBroom website and Colon Broom Coupon.

Both dietary supplements proved to be effective. It is a matter of taste and personal preferences. If you love strawberry taste Colon broom will suit you best. If you prefer having taste-free fiber supplement and are on the budget Benefiber would be your favorite, then.

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