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My Ideal Breakfast with ColonBroom

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Eating pancakes for breakfast is our family tradition. Sometimes I switch to oatmeal with strawberry or raisins, but my sons keep insisting on pancakes and I give up under their pressure. I understand that pancakes, especially those with chocolate, are not the best healthy choice, but I found the solution that helped me decrease the negative impact of eating fatty dishes right at the start of the day. It is ColonBroom, a well-known dietary supplement that effectively cleanses colon.

Breakfast with Colonbroom

Pencaked from Costco I love to have for breakfast, but a glass of ColonBroom always comes first.

What does ColonBroom do? In fact, it works as a gut cleanser, but is very mild and efficient due to ColonBroom ingredients that include Psyllium Husk, a natural source of fiber. As a result, I don’t gain weight because of my hearty breakfasts.

Mini Pancakes by LeMarie Pattissier

French Mini Pancakes are ideal for working moms who have no time for cooking breakfast in the morning.

Speaking about my breakfasts, there are two favorite pancakes in my family, and both are offered for sale at Costco. The first are Mini Pancakes Made in France by LeMarie Pattissier, net weight of 1 kg.  The package is really big, and the pancakes are individually wrapped in two. We love to eat them with sour cream or honey. They also taste great with Nutella.

Chocolate French Crepes by StMichel

Chocolate French Crepes make a delicious bite whenever you crave for some food.

Another breakfast treat that is popular in our family is Chocolate French Crepes by StMichel, net weight of 600 g. The package includes 20 individually wrapped crepes with mouthwatering chocolate-hazelnut filling. When kids are late for school and there is no time for more traditional breakfast, they can have these crepes right on the go.


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As I mentioned before I usually stock up on these at Costco. And my breakfast must have is ColonBroom. Since I started using it, my gut feels no discomfort, my skin has become better, and I’ve lost 3 pounds. I buy ColonBroom with ColonBroom coupon and it is usually a 3-month supply. The reason is simple and evident. When you buy a subscription plan with at least 3 bottles the cost of each bottle is lower.

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So, I start my morning with a glass of ColonBroom. I just put a scoop of the powder in the glass, pour water into it and stir. It takes a minute to make my cleansing solution, but just make sure you give your drink a couple of minutes to dissolve well.

My Ideal Breakfast with ColonBroom

Having pancakes for breakfast and not gaining weight has become possible for me due to ColonBroom.

I usually have breakfast in an hour after drinking ColonBroom. By that time my kids are at school, and I can enjoy my meal without a hurry. I noticed that after I started using ColonBroom I stopped gaining weight, and even lost some pound. I think it is ColonBroom’s work, because even though I stray from the diet plan sometimes I still stay in good shape.

So, if you think that eating pancakes makes you put on some weight, try ColonBroom. With this natural dietary supplement I can eat whatever I want and still get into my favorite skinny jeans. I love to enjoy more freedom concerning my diet and don’t worry much if I stray a little from my usual healthy eating style.

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