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Want to cleanse your colon? Here are a few ways you can do it!

ColonBroom dietary supplement features Psyllium Husk as a natural source of fiber that ensures detoxing effect. 

Digestive system is an important part of overall health. It is responsible for getting rid of toxins and ensuring your body receives important vitamins and nutrients. Neglecting even minor problems with digestion can lead to serious disease, so it’s better to prevent the disease than cure it. The biggest challenge is to spot the problem with digestive system early. The sooner you figure out the problem the easier it is to take corrective measures. So, we offer you a comprehensive check list that will help you assess your digestive health.


Symptoms that you experience on a regular basis such as bloating, constipation, burping, stomach pain or diarrhea in most cases indicate that there is a digestive problem.

Less obvious indicators of possible gut problems include sugar cravings, skin rashes, sudden weight loss or weight gain, anxiety and insomnia. If you experience any or all of these conditions, try to make some changes in your diet and/or lifestyle. Improving your gut health can help minimize or completely eliminate these unpleasant conditions.


It is extremely important to keep track of food you eat and symptoms you have so you could figure out what food causes bloating, burping or constipation. Make sure you put down what food you ate, when, what symptoms you had, whether you slept well, etc.

ColonBroom ingredients includePsyllium Husk powder, natural strawberry flavor, citric acid, crystallized lemon, stevia, sea salt, fruit & vegetable juice, organic rice hulls.

This practice requires consistency and discipline. To be honest it’s difficult to stick to this practice and many people just give up putting down stuff like that in a couple of days. But I have found a solution that works for me best. When I started to have some digestive issues I purchased Colon Broom, a dietary supplement with organic Psyllium Husk as a main ingredient that facilitates colon cleansing. And the company introduced Colon Broom app due to which I could keep track of my symptoms. When you have a special app in your phone it’s easy to remember about making records, plus the app gives you recommendations on correcting your diet. Keeping track of your stool patterns and what you have been eating is important so you could understand what products make you feel bad.


Gluten, soy products, dairy products, eggs and sugar along with all sweeteners had better be avoided. These foods are most common foods that cause gut irritation.

You can make an experiment and eliminate from your diet all the foods mentioned above for a month. Consider also eliminating such products as grains, potatoes, peppers and tomatoes, alcohol and caffeine. After a month of staying without these products you may reintroduce one product to your diet for a week and keep track of any symptoms that start bothering you. If you don’t have any negative symptoms, it means that this product is OK for you, and you can have it occasionally. Use this strategy to check every product from potentially harmful foods and find out how your body reacts on them.


This is how ColonBroom app looks like when you download it to your phone.

There is a special stool classification that will help you figure out whether your digestive system is healthy at the given moment. It is called the Bristol Stool Chart and according to it there are seven poop types. Colon Broom app offers an easy-to-use tool that will help you analyze your poop according to key criterion and will offer corrective measures.

All you need to make ColonBroom is a glass of clean water where you can dissolve the powder and mix it well.

In most cases colon cleansing relieves or even eliminates most of the digestive problems. Eating organic, well-balanced diet is an effective preventive measure that improves the quality of your life. But when I overeat, I know that I can always rely on Colon Broom. This dietary supplement has pleasant strawberry flavor and is free from gluten, artificial substances. But the coolest part about Colon Broom is how efficiently it works. Within a month I managed to eliminate all my gut problems and now I can have a much more enjoyable life. Colon Broom app helped me a lot to assess my digestive health. Due to the app I logged in a journal and provided information concerning my poop.

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