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Colon Broom Vs New Metamucil. Part 2

Metamucil Premium Blend versus Colon Broom Tropical Fruits.

With spring being round the corner I feel the need to lose some weight and have a detox treatment. Last year I tried two poplar products Colon Broom and Metamucil and even wrote a review about that. This year I decided to check them too and discovered that both Colon Broom and Metamucil launched new products, so I decided to try. My plan is to practice colon cleansing for 2 months to get rid of toxins and eliminate waste. As a rule, during winter, we eat more fatty foods and exercise less. We spend more time indoors and walk less as the weather doesn’t encourage long walks outside. As a result, I feel heavy in my gut and have extra pound I would like to lose. So, if you are also looking for effective probiotics, I will tell you my honest opinion about Colon Broom Tropical Fruit and Metamucil Premium Brand.

New Colon Broom comes with the blend of Passion, Mango and Pineapple flavors, with other ingredients being the same.

I’ll start with my favorite Colon Broom dietary supplement. They used to have it with strawberry flavor which I didn’t like very much, to be honest. Now I was expecting they have made it richer and tastier, and I was right. I found their new flavor delicious. It has a mix of Passion, Mango and Pineapple flavors, with pineapple one being the predominant, as for me.

Psyllium Seed Husk Powder serves as the main ingredient and ensures colon cleansing effect.

Let’s check the list of ingredients. As I’ve expected it has remained unchanged except for the flavor. Its main ingredient remains Psyllium Husk Powder as the natural source of fiber. This supplement doesn’t contain sugar, but it tastes sweet due to Stevia Leaf Extract. New Colon Broom is rather thick and if you don’t drink it at once it will turn into a substance similar to thick fruit puree.

The design of the bottle is the same, and it’s size and the number of servings didn’t change too. So, the only difference being the flavor now you can choose whichever flavor you want. I prefer Tropical Fruits, but tastes differ, you know.

As Colon Broom does contain Psyllium Husk the natural question poses: Is Colon Broom the same as Psyllium Husk? No, it isn’t since Colon Broom contains not only the key ingredient Psyllium Husk but also other ingredients like Citric Acid, Organic Rice Hulls Concentrate, Natural Flavors and Annatto Seed Extract for color.

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Where to buy Colon Broom? It is available at their website or on Amazon and eBay. The best way to get Colon Broom at the cheapest price is to use Colon Broom coupon code when purchasing it at the official website. You can save the most on Colon Broom with subscription and Colon Broom coupon, plus get a free gift: Anti-Bloating Diet and Colon Broom Diet Guide eBook.

Metamucil Fiber + Collagen supports digestive system and joint structure.

There are many prebiotic supplements with Psyllium husk powder, but what product is similar to Colon Broom? Metamucil Psyllium Fiber Supplement is very close to Colon Broom in terms of ingredients.

New Metamucil Premium Blend comes in larger bottle and is sweetened with plant based Stevia.

They have recently launched a new product Metamucil Premium Blend with Stevia. In fact, Metamucil comes in different flavors, and I used to have Metamucil + Collagen before.

New Metamucil ingredients are very similar to those of Colon Broom, except Maltodextrin.

The new Metamucil also has orange flavor, and the list of ingredients is completely identical to that of the earlier version of Metamucil: Psyllium husk, Maltodextrin, citric acid, natural flavors, stevia, paprika extract and turmeric for color. The only difference is that the previous Metamucil version also contained collagen.

Is there a better product than Metamucil? Yes, for sure. For me, Colon Broom is a better option than Metamucil because it doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives and thickeners like Maltodextrin. I think it’s vital to consume only natural products and avoid artificial substances. As for me, I choose Colon Broom.