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New ColonBroom App: Is It Worth Trying?

New ColonBroom App

ColonBroom app helps me keep track of how many glasses of ColonBroom and water I drink daily, as well as monitor any changes in my digestive health.

I am currently on a diet and have set a goal of losing some weight. I exercise regularly but loosing pounds is not easy. I’ve read somewhere on the Internet that colon cleansing facilitates weight loss and I decided to give it a try. A lot of positive Colon Broom reviews were persuading, and I purchased it. After using it for over a week I can say that ColonBroom has proved an effective method of deep colon cleansing for me. Plus, it helps me feel less hungry so I can easily cut in calories and lose weight faster.

ColonBroom is not cheap. I know that Amazon is the best place to get something at the lowest price possible, but to my surprise I discovered that ColonBroom was out of stock on Amazon. They have so many ColonBroom reviews and not a bottle left in stock. So, I had nothing to do but check the official ColonBroom website to make a purchase. I was lucky to choose the right time for my purchase – at the end of the year. I took advantage of ColonBroom New Year New Me Deal: depending on your subscription plan you can save up to 65% plus an extra $10 OFF with code BROOM2023. On top of that I downloaded their new free ColonBroom app they launched recently and here is my honest opinion about it.

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ColonBroom app is available both on the App Store and Goggle Play. Once you download it you will have to create your own account. You will need to provide your email (it’s best to provide the same email you used when placing your ColonBroom order) and create a password. You will also be asked for information about your age, height, weight, desired weight and whether you are already using ColonBroom or not. Once you are set you will learn how to use ColonBroom app. First, you can use it as a journal where you can keep track of how you use ColonBroom, how your weight changes, how regularly you poop, etc.

ColonBroom App for Weight Changes

My target weight loss goal I want to achieve with the help of ColonBroom.

Also, you can use ColonBroom app to get a clear picture of your health improvement if there is any. And finally you can set up reminders that are important to you. There is also a function that enables you to edit your personal information.

The idea of the app is to help you monitor any changes in your bowel movements. You are supposed to keep your daily journal and log your progress or any changes in your poop. The app will provide you with your health overview during every phase that includes 7 days of your ColonBroom usage.

ColonBroom App Health Journey

My ColonBroom app digestive system overview.

To get accurate information about how effective ColonBroom is for you make sure you log information daily. First, log how much ColonBroom and water you have used each day. Keep in mind that you are supposed to take three extra glasses of water a day. Next analyze and monitor how you feel. Put down any symptoms, weigh yourself daily and record your current weight. Finally, record how regular your stool is.

Your ColonBroom journey will be broken down into several stages and you will get recommendation concerning your use of ColonBroom at each stage, with adjustment for your particular health state.

Well, I was very excited about drinking ColonBroom and the app came in handy. It helped me a lot keep track of even the slightest changes in my bowel movements and weight. Due to the app I never forget to drink a glass of ColonBroom and now, after using it for a week, I know for sure that my stool has become regular, and I poop every day at the same time. This helps me plan my time in the morning when I rush to work and must take kids to school.

ColonBroom App Promotions

ColonBroom supplement is rich in fiber and has got delicious strawberry flavor.

I do find the ColonBroom app very helpful. The app is very easy to use. Everything is clear and logging my data is fast and easy. I’ve set a reminder and due to it now I never miss my morning glass of ColonBroom.

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