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Digestive Health Hacks

Red Pitaya Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit – normalizes the functions of the intestines and stomach.

Digestive system is responsible for your immune system and overall health. Fortunately, there are simple and easy to follow recommendations that will help you boost your gut microbiome and strengthen your health.

avoid Stress

Stress impacts your digestive system in a negative way. You must have noticed that during a stressful period your digestive system reacts in an unusual manner, but when you cope with the situation it returns back to normal.So, try to relax your mind to minimize gut problems.

practice Yoga

Light yoga helps improve digestion and ease stress. It also calms down the nervous system and helps get rid of toxin. So, yoga practice helps improve digestive system and stay resilient to stress and fatigue.

practice Colon Cleansing

ColonBroom is effective at colon cleansing due to organic Psyllium Husk, a natural source of dietary fiber, in it.

If you are prone to constipation regular colon cleansing will help you get rid of toxins and even achieve some weight loss goals. Psyllium Husk is a popular prebiotic that proved to be a natural source of healthy fiber. One of dietary supplements with organic Psyllium Husk as a primary ingredient is ColonBroom. It contains Psyllium Husk in combination with lemon juice and other fruit and vegetable juices. Free from gluten, preservatives and artificial substances ColonBroom acts mildly but effectively. It can be purchased at their official website, plus customers can get discount with Colon Broom Coupon with their online purchase.

eat Fermented Foods

Kefir with different flavors is offered for sale in most grocery stores.

Among the top fermented foods for gut health are kefir, plain yogurt, kombucha, farmer’s cheese, fermented vegetables, pickles in salt (not in vinegar), sauerkraut.

Probiotic yogurt contains good bacteria that benefit digestion.

They contain healthy bacteria that facilitate better digestion and help build up immunity. Consider adding these productsto your diet to improve your digestive health.

avoid Artificial Sweeteners

Raw honey is a natural source of important vitamins and minerals, as well as amino acids, enzymes and beneficial prebiotics.

Artificial sweeteners and sugar cause imbalance in your gut microbiome, so these products should be avoided. Consider replacing sugar by organic honey if possible or eliminate sugar from your diet at all. This will help reduce the risk of getting diabetes and various heart diseases.

eat Greenish Bananas

In order to lower blood sugar,we recommend avoiding eating sweet fruits like ripe bananas, for example. Greenish bananas have the same vitamins but are less sweet. Instead of waiting for them to become all yellow why not eat them while they are still a little bit greenish.

add Papaya to Your Diet

Rather than eating cookies orsnacks like sandwiches or chips consider having healthy bites like various fruits or vegetables. Rich in vitamins C, A and antioxidants, papaya can reduce risk of cancer and heart diseases. In addition, papaya enzyme enhances protein digestion and is known to provide relief for people suffering from constipation.

Dragon fruit is a delicious and fat-free source of natural fiber.

My personal life hack: if you don’t like papaya very much consider trying dragon fruit. I recommend introducing dragon fruit into your diet asit is also rich in antioxidants and is naturally high in fiber. Plus, it contains prebiotics that feed healthy bacteria in your gut.

work Out Outdoors

When you work out outside you breath in fresh air and get Vitamin D which is so important for the immune system and digesting in particular. So next time you decide to exercise, grab your mat and weights and head to the backyard.

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