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Chewy's Goody Spooky Tails Box for Cats

Goody Spooky Tails Box for Cats from Chewy

Chewy wants to make sure that feline heroes get their turn to have fun for Halloween too.

Chewy Spooky Tails Box for cats

After all, cats rule, dogs drool! Halloween Goody Box for dogs was amazing, so I just had to see what do cats get.

Spooky Tails Halloween Box for Cats from Chewy

I have friends with cats, so I am going to be an awesome aunt and spoil them with boolishious treats and festive toys. Maybe then they won’t be scared of me?

Chewy's Goodies for Cats

The box arrived heavy with stuff. For a second I wanted to be a cat myself, especially after seeing the tower toy! It’s so cool that if I had a baby in the house, I would have to think hard if I should give it to a cat or to a baby.

Chewy Halloween Box for Cats

The box costs just $24.99 and can be ordered at any time. It arrives in 2 days, so you have plenty of time to make some cute feline’s Halloween extra special this year. And with us stuck at home day in and day out this year, cats need some spoiling to survive this corona situation.

Chewy Cat's Halloween Box

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Spooky Tails Halloween Bundle Box for Cats

This is what comes in the Spooky Tails box for cats:

Frisco Halloween Cute Ghost toy

Frisco Halloween Cute Ghost toy

It’s all white and smiley, which are great qualities on their own, but add catnip and crinkle sounds, and you have something that will be loved all the way through Halloween and beyond. She might even cuddle for sleep with it instead of sleeping on your face.

Frisco Halloween Candy Corn cat toy

Frisco Halloween Candy Corn cat toy

This is another goodness of catnip and crinkle, 3 of them. Your cat will appreciate this sweet treat without any danger of extra calories. She might even burn a few while playing with them!

Frisco Halloween Cat Tracks Toy

Frisco Halloween Cat Tracks Toy

This right here makes me want to be a cat or at least a child. My kids absolutely love it, because why wouldn’t they, when there is batting and ball chasing action that spans three floors? My son thinks it’s better than his Hot Wheels tower and is ready to prove it. The purple bat on top is like a cherry on top of the cake.

Greenies Feline Catnip Flavor Adult Dental cat treats

Greenies Feline Dental cat treats

Dogs are not the only ones that need some tasty help to keep those pearly whites white. These treats are crunchy and low calories, so can be enjoyed guilt-free. It has special ingredients for tartar reduction, so you know she will have her fangs sparkling.

Rachel Ray Nutrish Soft Spots Salmon soft cat treats

Rachel Ray Nutrish Cat Treats

Rachel Ray is offering a feast of salmon for your favorite feline and she won’t be able to say no. The tiny bits are shaped like little fishes, but since taste is even more important, there is plenty of it to go around.

Wellness Kittles Grain-Free Chicken & Cranberry Recipe Crunchy treats

Wellness Kittles Cat Treats

Since the soft treats are well represented, it’s time for something crunchy and natural. The ingredients here are working together to not only taste good, but to help clean those teeth and keep them healthy.

Rachel Ray Nutrish Wheelies Real Chicken Crunchy & Smooth Swirled cat treats

Rachel Ray Chicken Cat Treats

Another Rachel Ray creation is crunchy and insanely good. It features chicken as the main ingredient and can be addictive. It might even put a spell on your cat and make you orde