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Chewy Puppy Goody Box Fall 2021

Puppy Goody Box Fall 2021

Getting a new puppy is always on my kids’ minds, so I have to admit that it enters my thoughts too. Our German shepherd could really use a playmate too – maybe she would sleep a little less. After all those puppy conversations, I decided to get Oska and us a puppy box from Chewy to remember how it was like all those years ago. And Oska doesn’t care if toys she receives are meant for adults or for puppies.

Chewy Offers Fall 2021

Chewy Goody Boxes are favored by our furry lady, so she was very excited to see the familiar blue/tan box – she became mighty good about knowing when the delivery is for her. And to tell you the truth, we do spoil her quite often, especially when Chewy makes it so easy.

I don’t mind providing lots of toys and snacks for Oska, because that keeps her active and has always prevented her from chewing stuff she is not supposed to, like leather couch legs or computer cords. Kids love having many toys on hand to play with her too, and that means that they are off their screens and on their feet moving. In other words, dog toys from Chewy keep my furry and two-legged kids happy and healthy together. What more can a mom ask?

Chewy Puppy Box Fall 2021

In my humble opinion, Chewy is the best when it comes to the needs of all pets, be it a dog, a cat, a fish, or a horse. We have been ordering Goody boxes and various supplies from Chewy for years and have never been disappointed. Every time there is a smallest problem with the order, I can reach a live person on the phone without holds and get all issues resolved fully. This is why Chewy customer service is famous in the industry and beyond.

New Puppy Checklist from Chewy

When it comes to products in the Goody boxes, everything is hand selected by experts and is made of finest ingredients. Toys are often made by Frisco, our favorite brand, and snacks are natural and made right here. The best part for me is that I don’t have to shop and spend time driving around. And even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to get all the things for as little as $29.99, which is what the box costs. I also like that Goody box is not a subscription box, so we can choose when to order it instead of getting them whether we’re ready or not.

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Let’s see what Oska, our forever puppy, got to try this time:

Frisco Summer Fun Plush and Rope Rainbow Cloud dog toy

Frisco Rainbow Cloud Dog Toy

There is nothing better than a toy that is both plush and rope. This is intended for a puppy, but our fully grown German shepherd is having a ball with it too. And because it’s made of rope, it’s pretty sturdy and not falling apart just yet. Every puppy would love to tug and chew on this toy.

American Journey Soft and Chewy Snacking Sticks Lamb Recipe

American Journey Lamb Recipe

As I mentioned at the beginning, Chewy features snacks that are made in America and are not only tasty, but also corn, wheat, and soy free. Even though my dog hasn’t been a puppy for a while, I still wouldn’t give her anything full of useless additives, chemicals, and preservatives.

Frisco Unscented Dog Waste Bags and Dispenser

Frisco Dog Waste Bags and Dispenser

This part of pet ownership is not the most glamorous, but this is where we have to be responsible neighbors and citizens.

Frisco Unscented Dog Waste Bags and Dispenser

New puppy owners will definitely need this item, while we can definitely use a refill.

Frisco Planet-Friendly Scented Poop Bags, 120

Frisco Planet-Friendly Scented Poop Bags

These bags are exactly what I normally use, so refill is indeed. I like those bags because they cover up the smell with pleasant lavender scent and, what’s most important to me, they are made of recycled plastic.

Frisco Sherpa Dog Blanket

Frisco Sherpa Dog Blanket

Final item in the Puppy box is the cozy blanket, which would be very useful at the beginning. My experience with a puppy was that the first few beds were ripped into pieces, so it really doesn’t make sense to invest in that, but a little blanket works great. And even if it gets ripped up, it won’t be a huge financial loss.

Getting this box for a puppy is definitely encouraging our kids to continue dreaming about a new puppy. That remains to be seen, but we all definitely loved what our Oska received from Chewy Puppy Goody Box.