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Chewy Together-Furever Goody Box for Dogs

Chewy Together-Furever Goody Box For Dogs 2021

Chewy is one of those stores that manage to always surprise me and Oska, our German shepherd. It seems that we exhaust all sorts of toys and treats, but the next time we receive something from that store – and we’re amazed again.

Chewy’s Goody Box Offers

I am talking about Chewy’s Goody Box, which we get from time to time. But even without the box, every season and every day bring something new at Chewy to choose from for all pets and their owners.

Chewy’s Goody Box Deals

I discovered Chewy when we got our Oska, and found Chewy boxes when I got obsessed with subscription boxes for people. I firmly believe that dogs are people too and thus our pup definitely deserves a surprise box every now and then.

Together-Furever Goody Box

My husband is not that sure about it, but because it costs just $29.99 and Oska has him wrapped around her big paw, he pretends not to see. It’s not a real subscription box, because each has to be ordered separately, but we get them whenever available, so it feels almost like a monthly subscription.

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Chewy’s Goody Box Offers

And get them we need, because Oska goes through toys like there is no tomorrow, so constant supply feels just about right. Plush toys last a day, but even tougher chews don’t hang around for too long. Despite the damage and the amount of white fluff we pick up of the floor, I’d rather have her kill plush toys than computer cords.

Chewy Together-Furever Goody Box Offers

So given all of that, I am almost happier than Oska is when we receive our Goody Box.

Together-Furever Goody Box Promotions

It’s been a couple of months since our last one and I was really looking forward to replenish our toy stack. So here’s what we got this time:

Frisco Plush Chewy Delivery Man

Frisco Plush Chewy Delivery Man

This thing is so cute that I feel terrible giving it to Oska, because its life span becomes very short. It has long legs and holds a Chewy box, which will be two things to go first. Fortunately it’s quite large, so parts of it might survive for a few days.

A set of 3 Frisco Chewy Bouncy Balls

Frisco Chewy Bouncy Balls

It can never be too many bouncy balls because they get lost all the time. We like to have them lost everywhere around the house for the sake of unexpected happy finds later. I am sure these will be gone soon too just to be discovered sometime in the future. We like to use them for some fetch games when we go to our off-leash field.

American Journey Soft Baked Grain-Free Chicken Recipe Treats

Chicken Recipe Dog Treats

Each Goody Box comes with 2 bags of scrumptious treats that disappear very fast. I would limit the consumption somewhat, but my kids sneak those treats to Oska and she sure doesn’t fight such treatment.

Frisco Chewy Gifts Plush Toys, set of 3

Frisco Chewy Gifts Plush Toy

This item is really three nice toys for tearing apart. And Oska always loves getting as many things for that as possible. With three toys, we might have some serious entertainment for 3 days.

American Journey Grain-Free Oven Baked Dog Treats

Oven Baked Dog Treats

As I mentioned above, Chewy always brings two bags of soft treats and they are always great. These are salmon flavor, which is one of Oska’s favorites. I like to use treats like these for training – we are currently working on roll over.

Frisco Chewy Bandana

Frisco Chewy Bandana

Every box comes with an accessory of some sort and I have to admit that bandanas are Oska’s least favorite. She prefers to not wear anything on her neck, so keeping a bandana is challenging. She tries to take it off and scratches until one us gets it off of her. The only time she will tolerate it is on a walk, so we use bandanas when we want her to look extra fancy and when she has other distractions while walking.

All in all, besides the bandana, we love and will use everything else to the fullest. Thank you again, Chewy!