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Chewy Polar Paws Goody Box for Small Dogs

Polar Paws Goody Box for Small Dogs from Chewy

I am on a quest to give it a try to all 3 Chewy Polar Paws Goody Boxes this Christmas season. We have tested Polar Paws box dedicated to medium and large dogs, then puppies, and not it’s small dogs’ turn. Our own dog, German shepherd Oska, doesn’t care that much about the size and age; she loves to rip apart any toy she ever sets her sites on. And that works great, because we are not limited to any particular brand or type of toys.

While I am always on the lookout for cute dog toys, I am in general not a very active shopper at physical stores any more. I by far prefer ordering nice things online and getting them delivered right to my door. That includes dog food, treats, toys, and other supplies. And my one and only go to place for all of that is Chewy. I have been loyal to Chewy because I like their variety of products, fast shipping, good prices, and superb customer service.

Chewy offers new Goody Boxes every month, but they are not subscription service. This means that I can order a new box whenever I decide to instead of going by the calendar. I appreciate this freedom of choice very much.

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It is Christmas month, so Oska is getting extra spoiled. This is why I decided that it would be a good time to try the boxes for all sizes and ages, just to be sure we are not missing anything in the future, because after Christmas are over, I am cutting down on Oska’s toys, so there wouldn’t be a good time to go so overboard with the testing.

Here is what came in Polar Paws Goody box for small dogs:

A trio of Christmas plush toys

A Trio of Christmas Plush Toys

These toys are small, cute, and all three feature furry tails. I am no cat expert, but I think cats would like such toys too. Oska, as I mentioned before, doesn’t care about the cuteness or how small the toys are, she likes them all. Not that it makes a big difference, but I am slightly puzzled about the identities of those round toys. I can see that one is Santa Claus, another is a plush Christmas tree, but the third one is a mystery for me – a marshmallow, a ninja, or a Minecraft character. Oska has no such dilemmas and is happily chewing on all of them.

Frisco Nylon Snowflake Peanut Butter flavored dog chew

Snowflake Dog Chew

This white snowflake really smells like peanut butter and our big fur baby is going at it very seriously. I like it when she chews nylon toys because her teeth get some training and cleaning. And she stays away from various miscellaneous computer cords and phone charging wires in the house.

American Journey Grain-Free Oven Baked Duck Flavor dog treats

Chewy Duck Flavor Dog Treats

Duck and treat combination sounds amazing together and Oska agrees with this statement. I break the treats into smaller pieces and give them to her only when trying to get same tricks performed. We have mastered sit, down, and high five a long time ago, but roll over isn’t coming that easily.

Frisco Cat and Dog Holiday Throw

Frisco Cat and Dog Holiday Throw from Chewy

This is our third throw because there is one in every Polar Paws box and at this point it’s going straight into a re-gifting pile. I have plenty pf friends with animals, so it won’t get wasted.

So Elfin’ Cute bandana

So Elfin’ Cute Bandana

Bandanas are Oska’s biggest enemies. She agrees to wear one for a couple of hours only after a grooming day – I think she is so happy to be done with all the beauty procedures that she even agrees to a bandana. This Christmas themed cute one, like the holiday throw, will be gifted to one lucky cat or dog that won’t be so whiny about it.

After reviewing all three boxes, I must say that for German shepherd and her teeth, the medium and big dog box was the best fit. I think we’ll stick to that in the future.