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New Goody Boxes From Chewy in 2021

Goody Boxes From Chewy in 2021

This year has been very rich for Oska so far, thanks to Chewy and their Goody Boxes. Fine, I love those boxes not any less than our dog does, but who wouldn’t? There is something for every dog, every season, and every occasion there and it all gets delivered right to the house totally hassle-free.

Chewy in 2021 Promo

Seeing all our boxes stacked together might seem like a bit of an overkill, but everything gets used up fully and completely before a new one arrives. And if not for those boxes, I would be the one shopping and going through pet stores just about every week for toys and treats. But with bountiful Goody Boxes, I don’t have to do any of that and can still feel like the best dog mom, because Oska always has stuff to destroy and to eat.

Chewy in 2021 Boxes

I have been using Chewy exclusively for all my dog needs, long before I gave Goody boxes a try. I always appreciate their quick shipping, friendly service, and a huge variety of all pet gear at gentle prices. And even though I now like getting Goody Boxes, I till shop at chewy.com for grooming supplies, accessories, and always order Oska’s dry food via Autoship, which helps me save money each time.

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What I don’t have to worry about is getting toys and treat bags, because those come in Goody Boxes. Each box costs $29.99 and can be ordered whenever – there is no strict monthly schedule. Every box consists of 2 toys, 2 bags of treats, and an accessory, which is often a bandana.

This year so far we ordered:

  • Ready to Pawty – birthday box
  • Brunchy Bunch – a collection for weekend entertainment
  • Together Fur-ever – Chewy themed box

Together Fur-ever – Chewy Themed Box

  • Together Fur-ever – a box for cats
  • Spooky Tails – Halloween stuff

Spooky Tails – Halloween stuff

I got a box for cats because my friend just adopted a kitten and I wanted to make a nice welcome to the family gift. Needless to say, they were very happy. Cat Goody box featured Chewy related stuff, blue colors, and of course, a trio of cute mice.

Chewy Box for Cats

All the stuff in Goody boxes is always bright and happiness inducing. Toys are made by Frisco, which is known for good quality. Nothing is very durable in Oska’s teeth, but a few of the toys we’ve received withstood the test of time by sheer luck or good construction. The lucky toys get lost under a couch for a few days before destruction and the well-constructed ones just have extra strong seams.

I feel that toys keep our dog young, active, and engaged, because as years go by and kids are getting older, she is resting more and wants to be left alone. When a new box with toys and treats arrives, kids love to get the toys and play with Oska. There is fetching and tugging wars going on for a while, which is a good sport for everybody involved.

We got some bouncy balls in one of the Goody Boxes and immediately put them to good use throwing all three to Oska in our local empty school stadium. Let’s just say she burned some calories that day!

It’s funny to watch Oska recognize UPS drivers and get excited about packages. Surely, not all deliveries are for her, but she knows that eventually one of the boxes will be for her. She can smell the treats from a distance and does her little sit, give paw, and get down routine when we open the box without being asked.

Chewy Bandana

The only thing she is not so crazy about is bandana, but despite her lack of love for it, we manage to decorate her on some walks, which results in even more compliments for her than usual. And guess who loves all this attention!

Chewy Halloween Boxes

The most fun Goody box of the year is of course the Halloween one, this time called Spooky Tails. I decided to save it for a bit closer to Halloween, because if we open it now, all the zombies and vampires will get killed way before the boo day.

Chewy Spooky Tails

To accomplish that, I have to keep the box far away from Oska’s nose and teeth, so it’s hidden in the garage until October. We go through all of the trouble only because this momma got so spoiled by Chewy that she won’t do any Halloween shopping in any physical stores! So there – thanks Chewy!