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Happy Howl-O-Ween Chewy Goody Box

Happy Howl-O-Ween Chewy Goody Box

It’s never too early for Halloween, every dog knows that. All the costume trying and treat tasting takes significant amount of time, that’s for sure. We, the pet parents, are always ready to support every holiday, of course, but how many of us are ready to go shopping for the spookilicious treats and toys? I know I don’t want to do any extra shopping with a mask in the heat.

Happy Howl-O-Ween Box from Chewy

Chewy.com has you covered if you are anything like me – ready to indulge your pet, but reluctant to shop these days unless you absolutely have to. Chewy doesn’t just have thousands of products to choose from, but can do all the picking for you. Experts there select the best products, put them in a box, and send it to you upon your request.

Happy Howl-O-Ween Chewy Goody Box Promo

The Goody box costs just $24.99, but brings items for way more than that. Each box is themed and includes 5-6 full size items, such as toys, treats, chews, and accessories. I absolutely love this service because all the thinking is done for me! All I have to do is open the door and grab a box full of surprises for my excited dog, who already knows what such a delivery means.

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Happy Howl-O-Ween Chewy Goody Box Deals

Halloween box is appropriately named Howl-O-Ween and contains spooky toys and not so spooky treats. There is even a bandana there, so if you fail to get a full-blown costume in time, this will do for Halloween night, if we are even doing trick-o-treating this year.

This is what came in our Halloween box this month:

Frisco Pumpkin Bear toy

Frisco Pumpkin Bear Toy

This bear is absolutely cute. It’s almost too cute to be killed by Oska. She might leave it alone if she is busy with something edible, so I will keep an eye on this situation. The bear is plush, has a squeaker, and is perfect for tossing games, until all its insides are out that is.

Frisco Halloween Candy Corn TPR Bone

Frisco Halloween Bone

The colorful bone is made of tough TPR, so it has a chance to last longer than the bear. It has candy corn all over it, which is so very season appropriate. Oska enjoys tough chews and this is just it. I can definitely see her still having at least part of it by the time Halloween rolls in.

Frisco Halloween Sweet & Spooky Bandana

Frisco Halloween Bandana

This is the bandana that I mentioned above and which can be used instead of a costume. If you will have a costume, you can still use this during the time leading up to Halloween, because why not? A dog with bandana on a walk is too cute for anybody to pass by, and Oska loves compliments form every stranger.

American Journey Chicken Recipe Grain-Free soft treats

American Journey Chicken Soft Treats

Halloween is always better with treats, whether you are a dog or a child. And nobody can say no to these soft baked goodies that smell very enticing from a distance. They are small enough for puppies and for small breed dogs and great for training.

True Acre Foods Jerky Burgers Turkey & Duck Recipe

True Acre Foods Jerky Burgers from Chewy

These treats are bigger and still grain-free, providing excellent protein source for all the spooky doggos. The jerky treats are made in the US and are all natural. Meat here is number one ingredient, so you can feel guilt-free when your furry love sinks his or her teeth into these cute and chewy burgers.

Fruitables Skinny Minis Spooky Pumpkin Spice treats

Chewy Fruitables Skinny Minis

Humans are not the only ones looking forward to all the pumpkin spices in the air and in their coffees. Dogs enjoy pumpkin treats too. These little 3-calorie snacks are honey and cinnamon flavored as well. Eating them will never cause weight gain in your best friend, so snack away!