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Chewy Goody Box Polar Paws for Medium and Big Dogs

Chewy Goody Box Polar Paws for Medium and Big Dogs

Chewy is my best friend for all seasons and all occasions that our dog has to celebrate. Currently it’s all hands on deck for Christmas for our family; so naturally, Oska is ready for extra treats and extra toys too. I, being my usual busy me, don’t have time to drive around and visit pet supply stores looking for cute things, even though I’m sure everybody has plenty of everything cute. Instead I trust Chewy.com with all my pet needs and they have so far they never let me down.

Chewy Goody Box Polar Paws 2021

I order my dog’s food via Autoship from Chewy, I get his grooming supplies there, and his toys, and treats, and even customized baking trays. Chewy has it all not just for dogs, but for all other pets too – furry, scaly, feathery, and bold. If you love it, they have supplies for it. The online pet retailer is famous for superb customer service, variety of choices, fast shipping, and the best prices all around.

Chewy Goody Box Polar Paws Offers

Goody Box has been our favorite for over a year now. I like that I can choose when to order one as opposed to subscription service, which means that I would get a box whether I’m ready for it or not. Sometimes Oska takes her sweet time destroying toys, so I don’t necessarily need extras keep coming. On the other hand, when she has a very mouthy kind of time, I need extra toys to the rescue. Either way it’s my decision when to order the next box and I love that freedom.

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This very much Christmassy Goody Box is for medium and large dog, which is perfect for our hefty German shepherd girl. I order small dog boxes from time to time because sometimes she likes small cuddly toys for lunch, so I cater to those wishes too.

The box itself is always very pretty. This time it has dogs on ice and on sleds. The box is always the same size and dogs are fast learners, so as soon as it enters the room, Oska knows it’s for her and stays glued to it until we open it.

Chewy Reindeer Head Ornament

The first toy that Oska dragged out of the box is some type of reindeer head ornament with plush red horns made by Frisco. It looks perfectly cute on the tree and also feels great in Oska’s mouth. Since she’s got a hold of it, it won’t stay alive for long, but we’ll enjoy throwing it for her to fetch while it does.

Another toy that Oska got right to is a Frisco Holiday Llama & Sloth Disc Plush Dog Toy with a cute red hat and red sunnies. She is perfectly fluffy and snow white, and unfortunately both of those qualities won’t last long. I always get sad when I get toys like these, because they are precious enough for human kids to play with. And when my son was younger, we saved some toys that were destined to be killed by our dog. Those days are about over now, so all the cutenesses we receive won’t stand a chance against Oska.

American Journey Grain-Free Oven Baked Dog Treats

American Journey Grain-Free Oven Baked dog treats are duck flavor this time, which is a perfect fit with our usual roasted duck Christmas dinner, though I doubt that they will last until Christmas with our boys spoiling Oska all the time.

Frisco Cat and Dog Holiday Throw

Frisco Cat and Dog Holiday Throw looks like it just arrived from Hanna Anderson Swedish collection.

Chewy Frisco Cat and Dog Holiday Throw

It would seriously be perfect for families who take matching pajamas Christmas morning pictures all clad in Hanna Anderson. We don’t do that, but will cover Oska’s bed with this throw for a festive effect.

Frisco Holiday Tree Plush Dog Toy

Frisco Holiday Tree plush dog toy with rope is going to outlast all others. Oska loves all rope toys, but they are sturdy enough not be destroyed on the first day. She will play with this one long after the Christmas duck has been eaten.

Chewy Christmas Bandana

Last but not least it’s a Christmas bandana with “So Elf’n Cute” written on it. It also features berries, starts, and hollies; though I doubt that anything will make Oska tolerate it any better. Despite her dislike for it, she will have to wear it for a few pictures, nothing to be done here.