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Chewy Together-Furever Goody Box for Cats

Chewy Together-Furever Goody Box for Cats 2021

For me Chewy has always been all about dogs, but it’s far from their whole scope of operations. Chewy.com is beloved by parents of cats, fish, rodents, birds, reptiles, and even some farm animals. My love for this company was always so strong that my friend, who recently adopted a kitten, decided to give it a try too. And as well expected – she’s hooked right away.

As a new cat owner, Jennifer was a bit lost about all the supplies she needed. Some things were obvious – litter box, litter, a hair brush, food, and maybe a climbing structure, but what about toys, snacks, and little accessories? My advice was to browse Chewy.com, but there again she was overwhelmed with literally thousands of choices!

If you want to get a nice selection of items selected by people who understand cats best, Chewy Goody Box for cats is the right way to go. It’s not a subscription service, but you pay per box and only when you need it. Each box costs $29.99 and usually comes with 2 toys, 2 bags of treats, and one surprise item or accessory. This way you don’t have to get crazy and stock up for months, but get a nice selection of cool items hand-picked by experts and sent to you only when you’re ready.

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I have ordered at least 10 Goody Boxes for our dog so far and every single time they were approved by me and by Oska, the main recipient. Approval ratings remain to be seen by my friend, but the whole family liked the first Furever box right away. And who can blame them when they have a two month old cat who wants to climb the walls and destroy the couches?

Here is what they got in the first delivery:

Frisco Chewy Bouncy Balls, set of 3

3 Frisco Chewy Bouncy Balls

Cats are not that different from dogs, as it turns out, and love bouncing and pouncing action just as much. Sure, fetch game might not be very possible, but it’s sure fun to see a baby kitten jump higher than these balls do. I saw the video – it’s really possible!

Frisco Chewy Gift Plush Toy

Frisco Chewy Gift Plush Toy

Everybody loves gifts, that’s a hard fact. Little cat might not be quite sure what to do with this type of gift, except maybe look cute for pictures with it when she sleeps, but I know one animal who would know what to with it right away – my Oska. We got the same toy in our last Goody Box and it was dead in about 15 minutes. I’ll have to make sure she doesn’t borrow this one from our friends.

Frisco Chewy Plush Mice, set of three

Frisco Chewy Plush Mice

A box for cats wouldn’t work without a few mice in it. This 1-in-3 toy is definitely a big hit with a new kitty and both of their kids loved playing with her. The mice are very cute and just perfect size for little adventurous paws.

Tiny Tiger Filled Cat Treats

Tiny Tiger Filled Cat Treats

Chicken flavored scrumptious deliciousness is perfect for any cat. My friend really appreciated this bag because she wants to understand what her cat likes before splurging on countless treat bags not knowing if they are any good.

Frisco Chewy Bandana

Good luck putting that on! I don’t think they’ll even try at this age, but it might be cute for later. To be honest, bandanas are not very useful for my dog too. And I have yet to meet an animal who will enjoy wearing something like on his neck for no particular reason. It’s great for pictures, sure, but that’s about all.

I think it’s safe to say that my friend will order Chewy Goody Box again and probably as soon as all three mice are going to go missing.