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Chewy Birthday Goody Box Fall 2021

Chewy Birthday Box Fall 2021

If you have a pup, whose birthday is coming up, Chewy’s Birthday box is the easiest way to get the party started. The company offers different boxes all the time and you can choose what you like for your birthday girl or boy.

While Chewy Goody boxes are not subscription, they change them pretty often, so you won’t buy the same thing twice. I like the fact that I don’t get them on a monthly schedule, but instead I can choose when my Oska is running out of toys to destroy and is ready for more.

Chewy Birthday Goody Box

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Her birthday is always celebrated in our family and kids insist on going all out for that, like gifts and cake out. I used to not look forward to that day, because I would have to drive around going to at least 2 pet supply stores to get a nice selection of toys and cookies for her. Chewy really changed it for the better, because with Birthday box I don’t have to spend any time shopping, at least for toys and treats. I still have to buy ingredients and bake some scrumptious treat though, but that’s OK.

Chewy Birthday Goody Box 2021

The toys and snacks for birthday celebration are picked by experts and sent right to my door. Oska knows what blue and tan box means, so she gets happy before she knows anything about her birthday. She obviously doesn’t care about it one bit. But we, her humans, do, so it’s a celebration for us too.

Kids get very animated when a new box arrives and love playing with her and her new toys. Snacks are used for teaching her tricks and improving manners. And this time the Birthday Goody Box came with a recipe for a cake, so I didn’t even have to Google anything. How sweet is that?

Dog Birthday Cake Recipe from Chewy

The cake we are making is pretty simple and contains whole wheat flour, egg, peanut butter, apple sauce, apple, and Greek yogurt. All the ingredients are fresh and high quality, because she deserves it all and more!

Here is Oska’s must have party supplies from the Goody Box:

Rainbow Plush pony dog toy

Rainbow Plush Pony Dog Toy

This little pony is very cute and very colorful, but doesn’t look very sturdy, so it won’t be a match for Oska’s teeth. It might live longer if I take it away from her before all the insides are spilled. This way it might last for 2 days. But it’s her birthday, so it’s fine to enjoy this rainbow cutie all the way.

American Journey Soft and Chewy Trail Bites Chicken recipe

American Journey Dog Treats From Chewy

Even though these treats are not homemade, they contain no grains and are made right here in the USA, so I don’t mind treating Oska with them on her special day. We try to not give too many treats on a regular basis, but a couple of bags here and there from Chewy are nice to have on hand.

LazyDog Soft Baked Birthday Cake Bites

LazyDog Soft Baked Birthday Cake Bites

This bag is also full of deliciousness without corn, wheat, or soy. They look so tasty that even I would like to try them. The little bites have some sprinkles inside and make them look really drool-worthy. Oska will be beside herself with all the treats and toys given to her all at once.

Birthday Watercolor TPR Squeaking Bone

Birthday Watercolor TPR Squeaking Bone

Oska likes these not any less than plush toys. I approve of this TPR bone because it creates less mess and lasts longer. She can get into some serious chewing and be occupied for a good long while with it, giving me some time to vacuum her hair in peace.

Birthday Pup Plush Candy

Birthday Pup Plush Candy

This candy, just like the pony, is very cute, but also very white and very flimsy. It would be great for a puppy or a small breed dog, but with Oska it doesn’t have a chance, though since it’s her birthday, all the candy must be eaten.

Frisco Pet Apparel bandana

Frisco Pet Apparel Bandana

Last, but not least, is Oska’s birthday bandana. She will wear it alright for pictures, but then it’ll come off or will be scratched off. I think we’ll have to bribe her with some treats she got to stay still for a few seconds decked out in the bandana and in front of the cake.