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Best Interactive Dog Toys from Chewy

Top Interactive Dog Toys from Chewy

Our dog Marlo is almost two, so while he is not a puppy anymore, he’s an active teenager. Active teenagers have to be kept busy and stimulated or otherwise we can anticipate some trouble, right? Since my kids are not teenagers yet and I wouldn’t know how to handle them when they get bored, I make sure I keep my furry teen occupied.

Interactive Dog Toys from Chewy

Chewy is one great place to go for toys to keep your dog busy. The company offers probably the widest choice of brands and products for all kinds of pets, not only dogs. They always have free shipping on $49+ orders and flat rate of $4.95 if you buy less than that. Many items are on sale and there is always some kind of special on Chewy.com. This makes shopping there not only convenient, but affordable. Add one-day shipping and superb customer service on top of all that and you can see why Chewy is a winner.

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I have ordered many toys this year of pandemic for Marlo and definitely have some favorites picked and also some that were not a good buy. Chewy sells whatever makers offer them, so if a toy falls apart in one day, I don’t blame Chewy. On the other hand, there are so many reviews that you can get a pretty good idea of what works for most pets and what doesn’t.

These are my all-time favorite interactive toys for Marlo and he agrees with me:

Busy Buddy Bounce Bone Treat Dispenser Tough Dog Chew Toy – $9.95

Busy Buddy Bounce Bone

This is our second one – the first got severely chewed up and lost, so I replaced it with a smaller one. Marlo has spent quite a few hours trying to get to round treats that are locked between the silicone bone ends and round ball in the middle. The chew itself is very tough, so it definitely lasts for a long time.

Busy Buddy Natural Rawhide Rings – $7.95

Chewy Rawhide Rings

These rings are extra treats for the Busy Buddy Bone. My son enjoys refilling it every time he notices that it’s empty and Marlo is chewing the silicone. The main ingredient is rawhide, so I am pretty happy when Marlo pulls one out from the ball and eats it.

ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Hedgehog set – $8.80

Zippypaws Plush Hedgehog set

ZippyPaws is one of my favorite makers of hide and seek toys. We’ve had countless of them, but because they are plush, they don’t last very long. They are very cute and tons of fun while they last though, so I get new set from time to time.

Chewy Plush Hedgehog set

Kids enjoy entertaining Marlo too – he takes the hedgehogs out, they stuff them back in over and over again.

Starmark Everlasting Treat Bento Ball Chew Toy – $12.16

Bento Ball Chew Toy

The ball is made in the USA and includes edible long lasting chicken flavored treat, which is so enticing that Marlo works on it every day. He has to catch the ball first and then lies down with it for a nice chewing session.

Starmark Everlasting Treat Bento Ball Chew Toy

The treat can be replaced or you can use small kibble, but that falls all over the floor, so I don’t practice small treats for that reason.

Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Smart Puzzle – $11.99

Chewy Smart Puzzle

This puzzle is amazing for kids and dog play time. It’s a round orange tray where they hide treats for Marlo and cover them with plastic bone shapes. By flipping the bone shapes you can make the game easier or more difficult for a dog. We don’t put treats in each compartment and let Marlo figure out where they could be. This exercises his mind and reduces boredom, not to mention all the bonding with kids.

Chewy Dog Smart Puzzle

These are my favorite toys lately, but we’ve had more good ones that are long forgotten by now. Most toys in the past have been bought from Chewy and I plan keeping it that way, because I haven’t found a place that is more convenient or nicer.