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Chewy's Tails of Adventure Box

Chewy’s Goody Box is a welcome sight in our house for Oska. She gets super excited every time and runs to get the box with full confidence that’s hers.

Chewy’s Goody Box

I wish I knew what good things are coming my way the way she does, from a distance!

Chewy's Tails of Adventure Box Deals

This month’s theme was Tails of Adventure Prehistoric Play Time and that name immediately transported me to ancient woods where dinosaurs roamed and a dog could catch all sorts of mysterious tails.

Chewy's Tails of Adventure Box

We always let her stick her nose into her subscription boxes and grab what she likes best. Unsurprisingly it’s always smoked bones and fancy chews, which Chewy always sends. She will play with toys too, but only after her appetite and chewing pleasures are satisfied.

Chewy's Tails of Adventure Box Offers

I have been Chewy’s customer for a while and always like my shopping experience there. This is why I also want to get Oska to enjoy her experience and thus allow dog experts to create a nice box for her every month. Each Chewy Goody Box includes about 6 full items, toys, chews, and accessories, and costs just $24.

Unbox Chewy Adventure

There is no way I could go to a pet store and find 6 awesome full  size items for a total of $24 – it would be more like $40. This is why I love Chewy! Oska has her own reasons (beef bones), but we are both happy customers with no time spent shopping and no worries about entertainment for a month.

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Chewy's Adventure Box Deals

This is what Tails of Adventure Prehistoric Play Time included:

All Kinds Latex Dinosaur Toy

We couldn’t start talking about prehistoric play time without first addressing the dinosaur toy, even if it came after the bone. The dinosaur has a very loud high pitch squeaking sound, which is loved by our furry baby and not so much by adults in the house. One thing is certain – lots of play time of tossing, hiding, and pulling in near future.

USA Bones & Chews Roasted Marrow Beef Bone

Chewy's USA Bones Beef Bone

This 6” treat was sniffed and pulled out firs, and I couldn’t blame her. It smelled good for me too, like soup good. Oska is going to be busy with it for days. She also gets her teeth cleaned while chewing and having fun. I give it to her outside because of little particles and strong smell. It’s made here in the USA and contains no preservatives or artificial flavors.

American Journey Landmark All Natural Chicken Freeze-Dried dog treats

I am not sure about prehistoric times, but today’s adventures always include chicken – Oska’s favorite. She loves watching me open a bag like this and enjoys the scrumptious treats to the last crumb. They are very convenient for training of young dogs and for rewards that every good boi or girl deserves.

Chewy's Summer Promo

American Journey Turkey Recipe Grain-Free Oven Baked Crunchy Biscuit dog treats

Chewy's American Journey Dog Treats

Oven baked turkey anything will do for Oska, and these are no exception. She likes the crunchiness and the taste. We are still working on her understanding how Kongo treat dispenser works and these are great for that.

USA Bones & Chews Beef Recipe Patty

This USA Bones and Chew creation is a real royal feast. It’s chewy and has beef as a main ingredient. It contains lots of protein and also tastes good. I like the no grain aspect, and she likes the chewiness of it. This treat is a perfect reward for any dog as a whole or as smaller treats if broken in pieces.

Chewy bandana

Chewy box wouldn’t be Chewy box without a bandana. Oska was never a big fan of bandanas, but because we get quite a few of them from Chewy, she is getting used to them. She also looks mighty cute and picture ready with a blue creation like this.

Finally, each box includes 2-3 game suggestions to help you keep your pup moving. This adventure box offers Find it, Which Hand, and Hide and Seek games. We play similar ones already, but it’s always nice to get more ideas!