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Beachly Beauty December 2021

Beachly Beauty Box December 2021

Anything beach related in December might sound a bit strange, but not when it comes to Beachly. This company knows how to make our days brighter, be it their regular seasonal box or this new monthly Beauty subscription. I have signed up for the Beachly Beauty service as soon as they introduced it at the beginning of the fall and so far didn’t get disappointed.

Beachly Beauty December 2021 Offers

Each box contains 4-6 full size items that are related to sand, sun, ocean, and salty breeze one way or another. Most products are for hair, skin, and body and strive to be cruelty-free and clean. The box costs $29.99, but the value of all items inside is always higher than $75. This works for me just great because while I am not a beauty product shopper, I am definitely such product lover. This is why getting a delivery right to my door works for me.

See Beachly Promotions:

  • $40 Off your first order with code FUN40
  • $30 Off Your First Beachly Box wit code BEACHDAY30
  • Free Patchology Product Kit with code BEACHFACE

I live in Southern California and am very privileged when it comes to beach visits, but even here winter can get too cold for casual beach trips. Surfers and runners rule the sand in December and January and we, mere mortals, enjoy ocean spirit at home with the help of Beachly.

This is what that beach spirit brought me this time:

Lume Glow Beauty Granola

Lume Glow Beauty Granola

I was surprised to find a bag of granola at first and wasn’t sure how can granola encourage glow, but it turns it very much can. It’s what’s inside that matter in this case – marine collagen peptides, pearl powder, and biotin are just a few ingredients. But seriously, pearl powder?! No wonder this fits with beach and ocean theme so well.

Lume Glow Beauty Granola Nutrition Facts

The mix also includes oats, French lavender, and baked toasted almonds. The tasty creation is gluten-free and contains no added sugars. I expect to glow from within right away as soon as I’ll eat some.

Coola Organic Hydrating Lip Oil

Coola Organic Hydrating Lip Oil

My lips can use some help and hydration any time of the year. I sunburn my lips in summer all the time and in winter they get chapped because of dry air inside. This lip oil will now always be in my car.

Seabae Reusable Makeup Wipes

Seabae Reusable Makeup Wipes

This product is more about decreasing pollution than anything else and I love it. If we all would use fewer cotton pads and wipes, our oceans would thank us. And seriously, why don’t we use more reusable stuff like this?

The wipes are made of soft hemp cotton and feel super soft. They are shaped like little shells, come in beautiful blue color and wash very easily. I think I’m hooked.

Osea Gua Sha Sculptor

Osea Gua Sha Sculptor

I was puzzled when I saw this tool, but it turned out to be a very cool thing. I went to Beachly Beauty site to see a tutorial and learn how to use it. It’s actually quite simple. You just glide it and slide it all over your face and lift, chisel, and define the contours of your face. It feels like a good massage too.

Honua Hawaiian Beauty Water

Hawaiian Beauty Water

Just reading such name one can already find herself half way to Hawaii, but add the refreshing aroma and you will land in heaven. This water exfoliates and makes your skin glow with the help of papaya enzymes, natural Hawaiian sugar, and hibiscus extract. All the ingredients come from the islands and this is why I can feel the salty breeze blowing my way for sure.