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Beachly Box Spring 2020 Honest Review

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I live in southern California, where life is famously a beach, or at least used to be. Today we are on strict home orders with tourists attractions closed, restaurant dining unavailable, and some beaches open with masks only. Masks on a hot beach?

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Yes, you’ve heard it right and yes, we are frustrated. So much so that some of us choose to get beach delivered in a cute box rather than bundling in masks and going there to suffocate.

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What beach in a box am I talking about? It’s called Beachly and it comes to your door every season, bringing you beachy things, sans sandy feet. It is the next best thing to get you in the sunny mood and to bring hope that real beaches will be open as normal someday again.

Beastly Spring 2020 Coupons

So even if there is no sand delivered, the box is full of all kinds of beach essentials and items to remind us of times when life was very different.

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It has fashion, jewelry, beach essentials, coastal home décor items, beauty, fitness, and plenty of good vibes.

Beastly Spring 2020 Promo

All items are full size and of great quality. Each seasonal box is not very cheap at $99, but with at least $200 worth of items inside it’s worth it. Discounts are available for the first box and for yearly subscribers.

Beachly Spring 2020

Without further ado let’s take a look at what beachy goodies my first box brought:

Laguna Tote by Lu + Elle - $130

Beastly Laguna Tote by Lu + Elle

This is as perfect as it gets for southern California vibes, which you can feel in Florida too. The tote is spacious, beautiful, features vegan leather straps, and will serve me great for pool trips or whenever I have kids’ sleepover at their friends. I am an optimist and believe those will be taking place soon!

Hawaiian Blooms kimono - $59

Beachly Hawaiian Blooms kimono

Kimono or not, but I will use it whenever sun and water is included – beach, pool, lake, river tubing, whatever. I love the Hawaiian motives in blue and white, and how light and luxurious it feels. It also looks perfect with the tote, making it a perfect beach set. Those two items alone are worth $200!

Noa Sun Kissed Tank - $44.50

Beachly Noa Sun Kissed Tank

The tank from Fresh Produce is another piece of the puzzle for summery collection from Beachly. It will look great with white jeans or denim shorts, if I will fit my quarantine legs in any of them, that is. I see myself going everywhere with this tank!

Speakqua Cruiser Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - $25

Beachly Speakqua Cruiser Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

No beach outing is complete without a bit of beats and this tiny device with plenty of power will be my trusty sidekick this summer. It has up to 5 hours of battery life before it needs charging and can even be used as a speakerphone on the go. I have plans to take it along for dog walks instead of those earphones that keep falling out of my ears.

Kauwela Bracelet Set - $30

Beachly Kauwela Bracelet Set

Nothing says beach more than bracelets with silver, gold, beads, and shell details. Tis trio of bracelets is very hip and works with everything year round. You can wear all three of them as a set or separates based on your preference of materials and colors. 

Hibiscus + Grapefruit Salt Scrub - $14

Beachly Hibiscus + Grapefruit Salt Scrub

Finally, a great scrub for the entire body to help your skin get beach ready! The last thing you want to happen is get out of your house looking all dull and not sparkling, which can easily happen after staying home for weeks. This great smelling scrub will get your skin clean and hydrated in no time, so that you can look radiant on the beach and in your backyard just the same.

While the products are all great and will be used without a doubt, I also like the initiative Beachly is taking. The company is partnering with LA-based Heal The Bay organization and funding beach cleanups with the purchase of every box. I, as a proper Californian girl, enjoy this no end and feel proud that my money can help too.

After this pleasant introduction to Beachly, I can’t wait for my summer box!