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Beachly Beauty November 2021

Beachly Beauty November 2021 Offers

Beachly Beauty monthly box seems to always reach me in perfect time, just whenever I need some lift me up and new beauty supplies. It’s still quite new as the monthly box has been available only since the end of summer. Fall was a really perfect time to introduce it, because beach days are all but over and longer evenings have many of us feeling a little bit blue.

Unlike the main seasonal Beachly box, this one is smaller, cheaper, and comes every month, but it still contains full size items and everything is somehow related to sunshine, water, and sand. These little subtle reminders of summer and ocean breeze are why I love Beachly and all the products they feature in both lines. Many items either come from Hawaii or are inspired of the islands and that right here makes it worth subscribing to Beachly Beauty.

Beachly Beauty Box November 2021

I also always enjoy getting the boxes right to my house without me doing any shopping, for as much as I like beauty and fashion, I can’t stand shopping for the newest and best products on my own. I enjoy trusting professionals in the field to find some impressive products for me to try. And I don’t mind one bit to pay $29.99 each month for that. The value of all items in each box far exceeds the price, so I know I always get a good deal. And if there is something I don’t have any use for, I can always make one of my friends happy by re-gifting it.

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Without further ado, this is what came this time:

Laura Geller 30 Hydrating Towelettes

Laura Geller 30 Hydrating Towelettes

These make up removal towelettes are perfect for travel, when usual at home conveniences are not always available. They are infused with hyaluronic acid and coconut water, ensuring wrinkle treatment and luxurious hydration all in one. The towelettes feel cool and refreshing on the face, not to mention that they do a great job cleaning.

FINCHBERRY Tropical Sunshine Lime & Jasmine soapy sponge

FINCHBERRY Tropical Sunshine Lime & Jasmine Soapy Sponge

Anything that has berry in its name does well by me, I’m easy to please. Something berry related usually means natural and refreshingly sweet, at least in my mind, so Beachly Beauty hit just the right spot.


This product also serves two purposes – it is a soap covered sponge, so no separate soaping is needed at first. After all the soap is used up, the sponge can still serve for a long time to come. And the scent of this beautifully decorated soap is heavenly!

‘ILI Hawaiian Skincare Salt Scrub

'ILI Hawaiian Skincare Salt Scrub

Again, Hawaiian anything sounds good to me, especially when it’s made locally in Kauai. Kauai is the first Hawaiian island I visited and immediately understood why it’s called the Garden Island. It is drowning in greenery and is definitely full of all sorts of botanicals to infuse anything with.

This scrub is hibiscus and grapefruit infused with Hawaiian sea salt to achieve that baby skin effect. And when it comes from Kauai, every effect is possible.

/kit.sch/ Cleanse Ultimate Spa Headband

/kit.sch/ Cleanse Ultimate Spa Headband

This headband will keep my hair dry when I wash my face or clean the makeup with water. We all have experienced the annoying situation when our carefully straightened or curled hair gets puffy and frizzy right away if water comes anywhere close to it. And sometimes a lady just has to freshen up before an evening out without destroying her carefully coifed hair.

Meadow-Bark Moroccan Bleu Moisture Boost

Meadow-Bark Moroccan Bleu Moisture Boost

Moroccan sounds exotic and healthy simply because how could it be otherwise? Every part of my face and body can use more moisture, so I will apply this everywhere. It smells great and is a great fit for a hard working queen like me. The scent of this cream helps me relax before bed and fall asleep knowing that my skin is been taken care of.

Just like most Beachly Beauty boxes, this one contains 5 items and all of them together will help keep summer memories alive while I take a short break from the windy and chilly beach. Hopefully November box will bring some fall coziness and Christmas dreaming.