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Beachly Store Opening Experience

Beachly Store Sale

It might be August, but that doesn’t at all mean an end of beach season. No swimming after Labor Day – ok, Boomer! In the middle of August summer still has a lot of life and heat left, especially if you live in SoCal. And Beachly knows it!

Beachly Boutique

Beachly is a company that I have been familiar with for a while as I thoroughly enjoyed quite a few of their boxes so far. Living in Newport Coast means that you can go to the beach year round. Sure, you might not desire skinny dipping in the middle of February, but walk and enjoy sunshine – pretty much any time!

Beachly Sale Offers

All that being said, I am addicted to all things beach: from accessories and jewelry to flowy tunics and scarfs. All of that and more come every three months with my Beachly box.

Beachly Store Offers

In addition to the original box, which is geared towards women, the company also has men’s box and now a brand new just released monthly Beauty box. So there are plenty of choices for everybody to get just about as often as desired.

Beachly Men's Deals

The biggest news for me was not the new Beauty box, but the opening of a Beachly Boutique store not far from where I live. I was not going to miss this event, so I packed my family in the car last weekend and made a trip to Carlsbad Village.

Beauty Store

The action took place on August 14th at 2680 State Street, Carlsbad, California 92008. Between 2 and 4pm there was food, drinks, live music, and of course some sweet deals to be had.

Beachly Opening Store

It truly felt like a celebration of summer, complete with balloons and umbrellas, and full of people in flip flops and shorts. Those lucky first customers got to enjoy some great sale prices and opportunity to see products that are not available anywhere else firsthand.

Beachly Sale Promo

I loved the breezy vibe of the store – natural wood walls and ceiling combined with white and blue colors. Visitors were gathering around shirts, rompers, sweatshirts, and straw beach bags.

Beachly Beach Bags Deals

Beachly monthly Beauty box subscription starting price at the store was just $29 and that attracted a lot of attention.

Beachly Monthly Beauty Box Subscription

My seasonal box is $99 and includes products retailing for over $250, so Beachly Beauty box’s price definitely looked good, especially given the value of $75+. I think all beautiful Insta influencers will have a ball with this and I just might join them.

Beachly Beauty Box Deals

All the shelves and stands were stocked with refreshing beauty and skincare products that are meant to pamper sun kissed skin and hair.

Beachly Candles

There were scented candles lit and white coral jewelry holders.

Beachly Jewelry Deals

I loved seeing so many choices for natural beauty products and makeup. I have tested many products myself, thanks to my previous boxes, so I knew how good many of them are.

Beachly Wraps

There were local handmade soaps, wraps, body scrubs and oils, sun screens, lip balms, and of course jewelry, lots of it – made of metal, leather, and shells.

Beachly Accessories

Besides beauty and accessories, Beachly Boutique features various household items.

Beachly Salt Sets

You could find artisan salt sets, eco-friendly food storage options, wooden table wear, candles, and much more.

Beachly Opening Store Live Music

My husband and kids mostly enjoyed live music by two guys who looked like they just came from Hawaii. Beachly hosted a Grand Opening Raffle for a chance to win $200 shopping spree with all proceedings going to Sea Trees, an organization supporting regeneration of ocean plant life.

Beachly Store Deals

The charitable side of Beachly I loved from my very first box, because part of money spent is always donated to organizations that work to save and protect our oceans.

Beachly Garnd Opening Sale

Finally, my favorite part of the Grand Opening Day celebration was the discounts: 20% off everything and 30% off everything for Beachly members, which I proudly am. Needless to say, I bought a few things, because it can never be too much beach in my life.

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Beachly Opening Promotion

For those who live within a drive to Carlsbad, I definitely recommend visiting this cute store, because of the mood and the deals. For the rest of us salty air lovers, you should totally give Beachly subscription box a try and see what a little ocean saving beach mood can do for you. I know I will be back to the store and will for sure continue with the boxes!