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Beachly Fall 2021

Beachly Box Fall 2021

There is no better time to receive a Beachly Fall box than October, when we all can use some more sunshine and salty breeze in our lives, even those of us who live right by the beach. It can get pretty chilly and windy on the Pacific coast in California in October, so my best bet to experience summery feelings again is Beachly subscription box.

Beachly Subscription Box Fall 2021

I have been ordering from them for over a year and my love hasn’t diminished yet – on the contrary, it keeps growing. I love that all products relate to the ocean and beach somehow, everything is full size, and made of mostly natural ingredients. Each box costs $99, but the value of all items together is triple that. It comes every season, so I have plenty of time to enjoy and use up what I get before receiving another box. Sure, not all products worked for me, but in those rare cases my friends get to benefit from Beachly too.

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Beachly Box Fall Offers

Beachly box is great for beach dwellers, but even better for those who live far away from water and don’t get to visit it very often. While I sometimes literally take the box to the beach to open, unboxing it at home can serve as a virtual beach trip, even if for just half an hour.

Beachly Box Deals 2021

This is what I received this time and what’s going to help me hold on to summer just a little bit longer:

JAXSEA reversible pullover – $95

JAXSEA Reversible Pullover

JAXSEA brand creates their designs in Hawaii and makes all products in Los Angeles, so whichever way you look at it, it’s all connected to the beautiful Pacific. The company incorporates island vibes in their swimwear, beach covers, dresses, and all other apparel.

This pullover can be worn two different ways and whichever one you choose, you will feel warm, cozy, and cute.

Earth Harbor The Sunshine Dew Cleansing Oil – $24

Earth Harbor Cleansing Oil

My skin is oily and I usually don’t like any products that contain oil, but this is completely different. It must be because it’s made by Earth Harbor, which is one of my favorite companies. This oil gently cleans and fully rinses with water, leaving absolutely no oily residue.

Sunshine Dew Cleansing Oil

This product looks and seriously feels like sunny dew drops, probably because of its yellow color and sea kelp and papaya enzymes inside.

lu & elle The Paradise Palm Backpack – $120

Paradise Palm Backpack

A trendy backpack like this can be taken to the beach just as much as to a hiking trip or girls’ brunch in the city. It’s made of heavy cotton and features palm design complete with faux leather trim. There are a few pockets for makeup and phone and a drawstring with a magnet clasp for keeping a matching wallet safe inside.

lu & elle The Paradise Palm Elastic Wallet – $25

The Paradise Palm Elastic Wallet

Speaking of matching wallets, this is a second part of the set. It is small and made for traveling, when you need just a couple of credit cards and some cash. It can be attached to the backpack via a clasp inside, so you can always locate it without rummaging all over the bag.

The designer behind this stylish duo is Kendall Zundel, who believes in community, fashion, and travel as the good things in life.

SALTY CALI The Salty Shell Necklace – $45

Shell Necklace

What better way to have a piece of beach next to you than a cute little shell shaped necklace? This will work for me unless my daughter will confiscate it, which happens quite frequently these days as she is heading towards teenage years. The chain is made in Italy and even though it’s not silver, it looks luxurious and can be worn just about anywhere.


Billie’s Bali The Seaside Catch All – $15

The Seaside Catch All

Just as the name suggests, this cute box is made in Bali. It can be used to store anything you desire – jewelry, crafts, shells, and keepsakes. The pineapple on the lid and turquoise color invoke summer memories and with this tin storage in your home, you will never be far from beach.

As you can see, this eclectic mix of items works for any season and any geographic location for all who want to invite some ocean breeze into their homes no matter where they are in the world. Beachly is really good at creating beachly vibe, that’s for sure!