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Beachly Summer 2021 Box Review

Beachly Summer 2021 Box Promo

There is no better time for Beachly subscription box to arrive than the beautiful June with the promise of a long barefooted and sandy summer. Sure, I love getting Beachly in the middle of winter and dreaming of the summer, but now it’s the time for those dreams to come true.

Each box comes seasonally and costs just $99. That might seem like a lot, but each time the goodies inside are worth $250 and upward, so the box is a gift to self that just keeps giving. It all started with women, but currently there is a men’s version too. If anybody is still searching for Father’s Day gift, listen up!

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The focus of Beachly is to bring some sunny products at affordable price. All the brands are of high quality, whether well-established or up and coming. I love this box not only because of savings it offers, but simply because I get to enjoy many cute things without having to shop for them. Because let’s be honest – how many of us will go to buy a little charm for a handbag or a super hydrating lip balm? But we all will enjoy those things once they land at our door step, which is exactly what Beachly does.

Let’s take a look at the goodies from the latest Beachly box:

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Beachly Water Bottle

The bottle itself is metal, but it features silicone cap with a little handle. This design keeps the water cold, but feels more feminine and less rigid than many other metal bottles on the market. And needless to say, since we live close to the beach in southern California, I care deeply about our ocean. That definitely means no plastic bottles for my family, so I can always appreciate an extra water bottle, especially this pink beauty. And yes, I’d rather be in Hawaii!

Coconut bowl

Beachly Coconut Bowl

This is one of the most natural and sustainable things I have ever laid my eyes on. Coconut shells are virtually inexhaustible resource and whoever came up with this idea is genius. The bowls are beautifully polished and hand painted for long lasting usage. It’s perfect size for a little yogurt and berries treat or some baby food. And if a coconut bowl doesn’t scream beach life, I don’t know what does.

Shell and fringe handbag attachment

Shell and Fringe Handbag Attachment

Sure, this attachment can go just about anywhere, but for some reason I can see it best on my Newport Beach custom bag. It has shells, so I can hear the ocean call. My kids might think differently and use it as a key chain, which would also be fine by me.

Coastal coasters

Coastal Coasters

This collection of ocean themed coasters is just calling my name for a perfect margarita afternoon with friends overlooking the Pacific.

Coastal Coaster

Each coaster is slightly different than the other, making them all unique. They would also make a perfect gift for just anybody. Again, Father’s Day gifts anybody?

Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi-Balm

Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi-Balm

According to its package, it has 101 uses and I have to agree with that – maybe not 101, but definitely quite a few. This lip balm is made of all natural coconut oil, so it can be used wherever coconut oil is called for. You can put it on your lip, face, body, and hair – use it to heal and to moisturize. Heck, if you ever run out of cooking oil, you can swipe it on the pan too.

Saltwater Luxe tank top

Saltwater Luxe tank top

It’s in the name, people – saltwater! They know what’s up on the beach and cater to this relaxed vibe all summer long. California or Hawaii, both beachy locations would appreciate a lady with such a breezy gold letter shirt strolling on the sand. I will wear it while running errands and at home in winter just to make sure careless summer is never too far from my heart.

Blenders sunglasses

Blenders Sunglasses

If there is one thing that we can never have too many of is definitely sunglasses, especially in summer in California. These shades are even cool enough for my German shepherd Oska, and she is not a big fan of useless things. I tend to lose sunglasses very frequently, so I’m always happy to get extras, especially without looking for them myself.

Beachly Summer Coupon

Finally, each Beachly box brings some nice discounts and deals, and this one offers 15% off bowls and other tableware from coconutbowls.com. You can also get 5% off and free shipping on Andrea Hannemann’s recipe book Plant Over Processed at HC.com. The book is already 20% off, bringing the total discount to 25% + free shipping. The recipes are perfect for summer and everything beach related, you know, like beach body.