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Beachly Winter 2020 Box Review

Beachly Winter 2020 Box Review

Here, in Southern California, it’s summer almost all the time, but just almost. We too get some dreary weather with rain and wind, but I’m not complaining when I know what Texas and eastern states were just going through. One thing is certain – you can go and enjoy the beach anywhere in California almost all the time, even in rain and winter winds. This is why I subscribe to Beachly box and love it!

Beachly Box Winter 2020

Beachly doesn’t mean two piece tiny bikinis all the time; the box is about so much more than that! It’s beach lifestyle that matters and that includes fashion, beauty care, accessories, and home décor that has the special vibe of sunny days, water, and sand.

Beachly Box Winter Deals

My latest box is Winter 2020 and even though it’s almost spring of 2021, the box is completely relevant and totally fun. Winter or summer, we take family walks on the beach and decorate our house with beachy things, so Beachly items work for me at any time of the year.

Beachly Box Winter Member Deals

Each Beachly box comes seasonally and costs $99. For that price I get full size items that are always at least $200 value, which makes me very happy. And there is simply no way I would go through the stores shopping these days as we are required be in masks, social distance, and even with all that not every store is open. COVID took quite a bit of fun out of shopping for me, so I am very content getting my Beachly boxes and enjoying the finer things in life that look and smell like the beach – all of that without leaving my home or doing any online shopping.

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Beachly Box Deals

Let’s take a look at what came in the latest box to help me wait for the approaching spring:

The Magnolia Luxe Robe by Mason Du Soir – $125

The Magnolia Luxe Robe by Mason Du Soir

See, this robe alone covers the price of the box and then some! And there are so many ways to use it – cover up at the beach, take it along to a spa, relax at home by the fireplace, or wear it over a T-shirt for a casual cool vibe. It has printed palm leaves in statement mustard color. I absolutely love it!

The Sea Salt Surf Candle by Broken Top Candle Company – $25

The Sea Salt Surf Candle

This candle is made of soy wax, natural oils, and cotton. It smells heavenly of drift wood, salt, cream, and jasmine. It literally fills the room instantly and I can’t get enough of the scent. Broken Top Candle Company’s products are very popular in Hawaii and other tropical locations because of their beachy smells and associations with good times that everybody wants to bring back home with them.

The Tropics Cosmetics Pouch by Maaji – $36

The Tropics Cosmetics Pouch by Maaji

The company is from Colombia and they really know what latest fashion statements on the beach or in the tropics are. This little eclectic bag is colorful and uber convenient for all traveling needs. And since we are pretty limited when it comes to traveling these days, I am very happy using it for storing all my beach essentials and taking it along on short local trips.

The Magnolia Luxe Sleep Mask by Mason Du Soir – $30

The Magnolia Luxe Sleep Mask

This is another piece of the puzzle that goes together with the robe. It will block everything away, but the tropical dreams of summer and light breeze in the palm leaves. I say this mask is essential for every tropical vacation from now on.

The Beach Club Pullover by Beach Riot – $75

The Beach Club Pullover by Beach Riot

The Beach Riot makes some cool stuff! This pullover fits right in with the palm theme and is completely cozy for what’s left of winter and during windy spring days by the water. It looks perfect with denim or pared with a cute skirt. California cool will be written all over you when you wear this snug creation.

Kukui Body Lotion by Hanalei Company – $25

Kukui Body Lotion by Hanalei Company

Anything that’s inspired by Hawaii and its natural wonders has to be good. Spirit of Aloha, right? This lotion is made with ingredients that come from the islands, including kukui oil, aloe Vera, and vitamins for gentle care, hydration, and aging protection for your skin.

Overall, the value of this box is $316 and all of that is safely delivered right to my door. What’s not to love?