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Beachly Beauty October 2021

Beachly Beauty Box October 2021

Ever since I have discovered that Beachly will be offering not only seasonal beach related boxes, but also monthly subscription of beauty and skin care collection, I have been ordering them and totally enjoying the contents every time.

I run a small business that takes me to meet various people every day. I am not the most glamorous fashionista and don’t love caked on up make up on my face all the time, but I have to be presentable, fresh and beautified at least a little bit. As you can imagine, I have no time to shop for the latest trends and the best products in the industry, but I do need them to keep my skin glowing. This is where Beachly Beauty comes in.

Beachly Beauty Deals

For just $29, I can have a new set of beauty products arrive right to my door every month, eliminating the need to shop and also making sure that I use the newest and most popular brands. And not only that, all the products are related to sun, ocean, and sand one way or another, so even when I work, I can wear products that bring me closer to the beach if only in my heart.

See Beachly Beauty Promotions:

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  • Free Bonus Box ($100+ value) with every Box order BONUSBOX

So far I have only gotten 2 Beachly Beauty boxes, but I am excited to continue creating my own collection of great beauty and skin care products effortlessly.  On that note, this is what I received this time:

hanalei Papaya Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

Hanalei Papaya Cleanser

I will take anything that comes from a place like Hanalei and douse myself in it. Some of the fondest memories of trips our family has are from Hawaii, so using this cleanser in the morning sets my mood for the entire day. I might be in somebody’s yard talking about retaining walls, but in my heart I’m on the beach in Maui – and that’s priceless!

EiR NY+C Hydrating Face Mist

EiR NY+C Hydrating Face Mist

This product keeps me going on hot summer days – just a quick spritz and I can last another hour or two. Heat and humidity get pretty relentless here in the south and my skin needs some help to stay hydrated. This mist smells and feels wonderful even though it has just a few ingredients: aloe, rose, and witch-hazel. This goes to prove that quality is not always in quantity.

Earth Harbor Laguna Body Serum

Earth Harbor Laguna Body Serum

Earth Harbor is one my favorite companies, to which I was introduced by FabFitFun and love it ever since. This is another great product for keeping skin healthy and glowing whether I’m at home or on the beach. It contains botanical oils and smells like a heavenly mixture of coconut oil, rosehip, and geranium blossoms.

FINN & CO White Sand Body Cream

FINN & CO Body Cream

Here is a final touch that my skin needs after the hot summer. I use this cream at night, because it is long lasting and keeps my skin hydrated for many hours. It’s made with shea butter, aloe leaf extract, and a potent blend of vitamins A, C, and E.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to love Beachly Beauty. The value is great too, because all the products are full size and there is no way to get what I receive in this box for $29 if I were to buy each one of them separately. And besides the value, I just love getting everything without shopping and spending time on research.

Can’t wait for my November Beachly Beauty!