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Beachly For Men Fall 2021

Beachly For Men 2021 Offers

I always regard beach as my kingdom – it’s a place where I feel happiest and where to I escape to be alone with the sand and the salty wind. There is only one person who is welcome to this kingdom of mine, my husband. And as a fellow beach lover, he deserves some Beachly supplies not any less than I do. This is why I am very happy that Beachly has a box for men too.

Beachly For Men Fall Deals

I have discovered Beachly about a year ago and enjoyed all their boxes so much so that my husband decided that he would like to try it too. I got on it right away, because it’s pretty cool to share my obsession with him. If he gets as obsessed as I am remains to be seen, but he wasn’t disappointed with his first box to say the least.

Beachly For Men Fall 2021 Offers

Beachly box for men also costs $99 and comes every season, which means that he has to wait for another one for 3 months. This is not a problem for him, because he’s content with anything new he gets and it’s enough to keep him happy for a while. It’s me who needs constant stream of new supplies to make my life more colorful or more ‘beachly’ in this case.

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Beachly doesn’t bring anything so spectacular that could not be found while shopping, but who wants to go shopping these days, especially for a man? Certainly not me and not for such a variety of sustainably made things that come in one expertly curated subscription box.

Beachly For Men Fall 2021 Deals

My husband is very environmentally conscious and loves to support responsible businesses, so Beachly is sheer perfection for him, because so many products focus on sustainable materials and recycling. Beachly as a company is very vocal about supporting ocean cleanup efforts and donating part of earnings to charities that care about our environment. All of this really speaks to my husband.

So let’s take a look at the Stay Salty, My Friends Box for him:

Fair Harbor Swimming trunks

Fair Harbor Swimming Trunks

First of all, it’s made from plastic bottles and this is almost enough said. In addition to that, the shorts look very cute on him in two tone blue hues. If he won’t look like he’s meant to be on the shore all day in this pair, I’ll be a ballerina, which I’m not, so there.

Beach Party Cooler Bag

Beach Party Cooler Bag

Cooler bag like this is an essential item that goes together with shorts. You can’t imagine a man in cute shorts on the beach without a cooler bag with drinks inside for his queen, can you? The bag will be perfect for our Kombuchas, other hydration, and yogurts for kids. It’s perfect size, because I absolutely dislike giant coolers that people have to lug to the beach while sweating profusely. Sure, if we would be going to a real beach party, this might not be sufficient, but as mentioned above, beach is our Zen place, and not a party location.

HAYN flip flops

HAYN Flip Flops

This footwear brand is from Honolulu and very environmentally conscious. This pair is handmade from natural rubber and feature soft upper layer and tougher bottom for long usage. I have to admit I’m a bit jealous, because I never had flip flops that would be so meaningful.

Fair Trade T-shirt

Fair Trade T-shirt

The best thing about this t-shirt for me is its mustard color. I fell in love with this color last year and by now about a third of my closet is mustardy. Needless to say I am very happy that my husband will have something matching from now on. He is normally white shirt kind of guy, but now Beachly will force him to step out of his comfort zone for a day.

SunBum 30 SPF sunscreen

SunBum 30 SPF sunscreen

Let me tell you one thing – we travelled to Greece this summer and I think our kids would’ve come back as little charcoals of not for this lotion. We loved it, it was very convenient, provided fast and good coverage, and lasted forever. We finished all of it and were very happy to get a brand new tube for local beach visits and for the entire family’s protection from our own California sun.

SunBum Cocobalm Ocean Mint

SunBum Cocobalm Ocean Mint

This is another beach essential – lip balm that protects from sunburns and feels cool. It has no shine, so my husband won’t be self-conscious using it. It smells so good that I might steal it from him sometimes, especially when I’m known for burning my face in the sun and then having peeling lips. And there is nothing worse than peeling lips!

Finally, there is free surf magazine from Hawaii. It might not be as entertaining as People, but it talks about the products and companies behind them. There is also some useful information about charities and Beachly mission and goals. This definitely makes for a light beach read, when you can’t focus on anything serious.