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Beachly Beauty September 2021

Beachly Beauty September

Beachly has always been one my favorite subscription boxes. It’s because I live close to the beach and because I would like the ocean vibe even if I lived in Minnesota. In my opinion, there can never be too much beach and ocean breeze in anybody’s life and home. This is why I love getting seasonal Beachly boxes with all kinds of sand and salt related items.

Beachly Beauty September 2021 Offers

I recently found out that Beachly opened a physical store in Carlsbad, which is not far from me at all, and visited it right away. There I learned that besides women’s and men’s seasonal subscription boxes, Beachly will now have a monthly Beauty box. I was intrigued and ordered it right away. While seasonal boxes are $99 each, Beauty box is only $29.99.

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Beachly September 2021 Coupon

It took a few days, but finally my first Beachly Beauty box is here. To properly celebrate its arrival, I took it to my nearest beach (naturally) and staged a small photo session while enjoying every single item.

Here is what I got:

cote Light Creamy Pink Coral nail polish – $18

Cote Light Creamy Pink Coral Nail Polish

The ocean is definitely calling with this pretty hue. I like colors that are not pretentious and can be worn anywhere anytime. I will feel pretty with nails like that on the beach and at a party just the same. In fact, various shades of pink are dominating my nail polish collection already.

Cardea AuSet Sea Mineral Soak – $8

Cardea AuSet Sea Mineral Soak

This soak is great for your skin whether you live on the ocean or not, actually even more important if you don’t have access to the naturally salty water. Cardea soak is made of rose petals and natural salts from the Dead Sea and Himalayas, which together smell divine and gives your body a healthy boost of energy.

COOLA Mineral Sun Silk Crème Organic face Sunscreen SPF 30 – $42

Coola Organic Face Sunscreen

This potent little sunscreen costs some pretty penny if bought separately, but it really works. And it also recovers the price of the entire Beauty Box and then some just by itself. It doesn’t have any oils, which is very important for my naturally oily skin. Another aspect of it that I love is that it’s made with plant-derived ingredients and thus very gentle on my skin.

ALL good Shimmer Lip & Cheek Tint – $20

ALL Good Shimmer Lip & Cheek Tint

I love love love versatile products! There is absolutely no reason why lips and cheeks can’t be refreshed and beautified with the same product. Shimmering anything would go great on eyelids, cheeks, and lips, so there is really no reason to have many different products for that. This tint is made with botanical ingredients and doesn’t cause irritation, so I will be using it everywhere.

mer sea Sun Kissed Pocket Hand Sanitizer – $7

I am not a big fan of harsh hand sanitizers, but life could not go on without sanitizers these days. This one is at least a gentle option and even contains some sand and surf, so I can spritz a drop of it on-the-go and feel like my hands have just been kissed by the sun and ocean.

All in all, I am very happy with my first Beachly Beauty box. I like full size items and the selection. All the items are leaning towards natural, don’t include screaming bold colors, and truly relate to the ocean. The total value of my box is $95 if I just went out and bought all of those items separately. Sure, I might find some deals somewhere, but it still would not be anywhere close to $29.99 total. This leaves me happy and filled with anticipation for my next box.

Thanks, Beachly Beauty!