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BarkBox Fairground Hounds

BarkBox Fairground Hounds Box

BarkBox always has a cute theme. This month it’s all about fairs. I didn’t grow up here and have never been to a fair as a child, but I can see the fun of them and the sentimental value a lot of people associate with those events. With BarkBox you can let your pet experience it from the comfort of your home, which is where most fairs are taking place this pandemic year anyway.

BarkBox Fairground Hounds Deals

BarkBox is a subscription box for dogs that costs $35 if paid monthly or $22 when subscribed for a year. It arrives every month and includes 2 toys, 2 natural treat bags, and a chew. The company always makes the themed boxes very fun and stocks them with exclusive toys that are made just for BarkBox. I also enjoy knowing that my dog is going to get treats that are made in the US and are good for him.

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There is no way I could go to a pet store and get all this stuff for just $22. That would also involve driving around and spending time browsing for best deals. With BarkBox I literally do nothing, but open the door and get the goodies for my excited dog, who knows what that brown box means. The only downside is that most toys are plush and thus easily destructible for my super chewer. I like those toys though and understand that they will only last a few days, so I am not bothered by that. The new box arrives soon enough, but if you don’t like ripped toys all over your house, you can try Super Chewer box from BarkBox, which features tough toys for just a few extra dollars.

So let’s take a look at what Fairground Hounds brought Oska in October:

First, there is always an invitation to try one BarkBox free for your dog’s friend.

BarkBox Invitation Letter

You can give this invitation letter and make another dog ridiculously happy without any effort at all – just enter a code and a free box is on the way.

  • Behind The Squeaks fluffy chicken toy – as I said above, this will be easily destroyed, but it’s so cute while it lasts. It is equipped with a crinkle, a squeaker, and lots of white fluff inside. Oska will be interested until she gets the squeaker and most of the fluff out.

Behind The Squeaks fluffy chicken toy

  • First Prize Treats Lucky Pup Lamb – these treats are very small and soft and chewy at the same time. They are great for training purposes or for hiding in our dog puzzle game.

First Prize Treats Lucky Pup Lamb

  • First Prize Treats Fair Day Duck – these treats are like jerky and are made in the US. They are also soft and chewy, but a bit bigger and take longer to chew than the lamb treats.

First Prize Treats Fair Day Duck

  • Foaming beer mug soft toy – drinking for dogs is not encouraged, but this fluffy mug might be innocent enough. Beer loving pet parents will really enjoy watching their pup destroy that pint bottoms up.
  • Pork Stick chew – these are Oska’s favorite, because she’s had them before. They are super flavorful and tasty, but soft enough to be fully consumed in under 2 minutes. If you don’t want your dog to devour it so fast, you can break it in a few smaller pieces.

Pork Stick Chew

Oska is already looking forward to November’s box with expectation for something turkey flavored and thanks given worthy.