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Marlo's Favorite BarkBox Items

Favorite BarkBox Items

If I am a good tester of beauty and lifestyle subscription boxes, Marlo wins at testing dog goodie boxes. He has reviewed Chewy’s Goodie Box, BarkBox, and Super Chewer box so far. It’s easy for Marlo to like everything because he hasn’t met a treat or a toy that he wasn’t in love with right away. I wish he felt this way about his dry and canned food!

Marlo's Top BarkBox Items

BarkBox is a monthly occurrence and comes pretty regularly. I swear Marlo knows that it’s for him based on the smell that comes from inside the box. He is ready for it every time and follows me around drooling for snacks from there.

BarkBox Winter Box

Each box has two toys, two bags of treats, and 1-2 chews for longer pleasure. The chews usually disappear right away, in about 30 seconds, so I have to put some limitation on them.

Top Items in BarkBox winter box

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BarkBox Monthly Box

BarkBox toys are super cute, no doubt, but unfortunately they don’t stand a chance when they meet young Marlo’s teeth. And he is always on the mission to make the total kill with squeakers and white insides out. This is why I had to rethink the BarkBox subscription and eventually switched to Super Chewer from the same company.

Best BarkBox Items

But while still on regular BarkBox, Marlo was in love with these things:

Snowman’s head with treat spaces in the eyes and nose

BarkBox Snowman toy promo

This is part one of winter toy. The head is snow white and made of a silicone ball that is covered with white fluffy cloth. It’s pretty easy to get the treats out of their holes. Once the treats are gone, Marlo enjoys chewing on the head, so in order to save it I had to hide it.

BarkBox Snowman Promo

See, this is why this box is not the best for us, because I love the toys too much to let him destroy them.

Snowman toy by BarkBox

Snowman’s body with crinkly arms and skirt

BarkBox Snowman Parts

This part 2 gets attached to the head by Velcro on the neck. It’s also white, soft, and makes crinkle sounds – total perfection for destruction, and yes, I am saving it too. I think I will let go at some point, as this box is not for me, and will let him destroy it.

BarkBox Snowman toy

The Muttcracker Sweets pork recipe

Marlo is spoiled enough with treats, so I am limiting them. This is why he still has some of them left. Those treats are made specifically for Bark in USA or Canada and have no wheat, soy, corn, or grain. They are delicious and smell from a good distance.

Plato Pet Treats Thinkers sausage duck recipe

BarkBox Plato Pet Treats Thinkers sausage duck recipe

This is where I cheat a little. I didn’t give it to him yet, but I am 100% confident that it will be among the favorites that disappear in 30 seconds. He had one very similar from another box and yes, he absolutely loved it. I am planning to reward him with it for being an extra special good boi at my friend’s house while we are camping this weekend.

Snowman Nose Nibbles

BarkBox Snowman toy treats

This treat bag comes from December box and they go into the snowman’s nose. Those natural, wheat, soy, corn, and grain free things are loved on their own or as parts of snowman just the same. Kids enjoy making the snowman for him with all those treats in the nose and eyes. By the way, the eye treats were blueberry flavor and are long gone.

The Muttcracker sweets dog treats with cranberries and ginger

BarkBox Muttcracker sweets dog treats with cranberries and ginger

This might sound weird for a dog treat, but man does he love them! I think I would eat something with cranberries and ginger too, and so does Marlo. The best thing about getting treats from BarkBox is no need to buy anything elsewhere. And Marlo gets a personal box for just him to enjoy every month!

Best BarkBox Products

As it is evident, Marlo enjoys the box and I enjoy the toys from there a little too much. He killed all the cute stuffed toys from BarkBox and my heart couldn’t take it. I know you can call the company and request no fluffy toys, but I never took time to do that. Instead I switched to Super Chewer and saw toys lasting a little bit longer.